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[bug] Outlaw motif (more specific outlaw chests)

Found what seems to be a bug with the outlaw motif (chest piece).
I got lucky and looted this of a random mob in one of the delves.

After crafting a robe (light armor) and a shirt/jerkin (also light) it appears they are the same. It is not possible to craft a robe (the item is called a robe, but it in fact is a jerkin).

Below a screenshot of the outlaw Robe...

Is this intended ?

  • Ra'Shtar
    Aww what a shame.
    Some of my favorite screenshots
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  • Slashie
    Although this does seem unfortunate, and beg the question of the existence of an actual outlaw robe....
    This shirt looks awesome. Can't wait for this motif.
  • James-Wayne
    Outlaw's don't wear Robes so yes this is fine.
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  • Blackers
    yeah i noticed this too, both robe and jerkin are the same, wondering if they might act differently with the legs, but i haven't had any luck finding legs motif yet.
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  • Abeille
    Outlaw's don't wear Robes so yes this is fine.

    They could have done something like the Mercenary's Robes, which look like trench coats instead of as robes.
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  • Praeficere
    The Outlaw robe does exist, it's given with one of the sets on PTS - Bahraha's Curse. So this is just the case of mismatched items for crafting.
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  • Saucy_Jack
    Outlaws are, by definition, people who act outside of the law.

    The Law of Robes says that all robes in ESO must be floor-length.

    True outlaws would never submit to the Law of Robes!

    Therefore outlaw robes are not floor-length.

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