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Floating Armour is Crazy

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Hey all.

Just paging @ZOS_GinaBruno and @ZOS_JessicaFolsom on this, the issue with floating armour is just getting out of control now. Look at these Thieves' Guild style heavy shoulders.


On top of that, Molag Kena:


It's just getting worse, any reason for this? Any fixes? It looks ridiculous.
  • Glaiceana
    There's a few armours already in the Live game where the knee pads float. Can't remember which styles they were though, but yeah its definitely been happening a while. But our weapons float on our backs as well though, so without them completely redoing all items, its probably not going to happen. Personally I don't mind it really, it doesn't stand out to me that much :)
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  • flguy147ub17_ESO
    That is something they want to do but NO ETA!
  • Ra'Shtar
    :( i just saw this and it even affects costumes like the nede armor.
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  • baratron
    Good grief. The Thieves Guild Pauldrons in the first picture remind me of playing Oblivion. Specifically the weird physics, where you could spend an hour decorating your house with stuff you'd picked up around the world, and then with one misclick suddenly find half the stuff flying across the room and the rest of it floating :lol:.

    This really needs to be fixed. It must be possible to figure out where a character's shoulders actually are?
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  • MornaBaine
    HIP FLAPS! Those darn things tend to float and have no connection to the armor either. They realllllly need to fix them or get rid of them. Ditto shoulders.
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