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Official Discussion Thread for "ESO – The Year Ahead"

Community Manager
This is the official discussion thread for the blog article ESO – The Year Ahead. Read this special message by ESO Game Director Matt Firor to learn what is in store for ESO in 2016!
Jessica Folsom
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  • Cinbri
    "PTS in early February" -Nice. But when will we hear more determinated date?
    Say "on ESO Live", Say "on ESO Live" please
    Edited by Cinbri on January 12, 2016 4:45PM
  • Bloody-Goodbyes
    What is a character nameplate exactly?
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  • Kwivur
    I demand a re-roll
  • strikeback1247
    Awww I was hoping that the vet removal was coming in Q1 :(
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  • Legoless
    Can we expect Thieves Guild info in January, or will it be closer to PTS release?
  • Xsorus
    Damn was hoping the VR change was going in the next patch *sign*

    Also see the PvP justice system is going away...Spell Crafting also on a back burner.

  • Sausage
    I really hope zone chat does not come to Cyrodil. It just leads to organized zergs, Im having tons of more fun on console than I had on PC.
    Edited by Sausage on January 12, 2016 5:14PM
  • Ghanima_Atreides
    What will happen with those attribute points we got for veteran ranks?

    Indeed; will current VR characters have theirs removed? It seems like the only way to avoid a permanent advantage on the part of the established player base although I dread the raging that will come with it... ;)
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  • Alorier
    More stuff to make the game lag even more ! The end is nigh
  • Narmaeril
    I am looking forward to the Thieves Guild DLC! I am excited about the new story and quests. Let's hear more about this soon :blush:

    But you get a big sad face from me for.... :'(
    "Spellcrafting is on the back burner for now."
    I love the magic in Elder Scrolls and ESO... Can't wait for this new creative system for players. Please do hurry up, will you? :*


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  • Jakhajay
    Still no words on buyable additional character slots :(

    Disappointed with the announcement that PVP will not be coming to the Justice system, but I understand, it would be really hard (nigh impossible) to balance. Just look at what PVP balance has done to PVE gameplay and compund it.
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  • ListerJMC
    Most of it sounds great, looking forward to the DLCs! I'm actually kind of happy I'll have time to get one of my characters to VR16 before the change hits, since I've been working towards it at the moment.

    I was kind of hoping appearance change would be sooner though, going to have to keep my poor purple Redguard covered up a bit longer it seems :'(.
    Longer term, expect to see information about systems like a character customization shop so you can change your character's gender, appearance, name, etc., player housing, and other systems that we'll announce in the future. We'll have much more information about all of these as the year progresses.
    Edited by ListerJMC on January 12, 2016 5:47PM
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  • Xsorus
    Man an entire month of Jan with no fixes to pvp; and most of Feb as magicka dk still being awful... The wait between patches is becoming to long
    Edited by Xsorus on January 12, 2016 5:39PM
  • Lettigall
    Class and build balancing should have been placed somewhere in that thread, hope it's not been looked as minor issue from ZOS.
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