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[Onyx] Guild is recruiting in the Ebonheart Pact!

We are an active social guild in the EP. We have a casual, fun and relaxed atmosphere.

We do a little of everything; PVP, Dungeons, Crafting, Farming etc.

If you are looking for a helpful group of other players to explore Tamriel with, message Lord Oblivion1 regarding invites.

Xbox One NA Ebonheart Pact only.
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  • Grimmsplatter
    Due to a glitch in the massaging system, invites are difficult right now unless we are in area chat together. Add Lord Oblivion1 to your ingame friends list and I will try to send invites as soon as possible. Posting your full Gamertag here will help as well.
  • Hail_Enki_666
    How many members do you currently have?
  • Grimmsplatter
    Currently we only have about 130 members, but most of us are active nearly every day.

    We have members from all over the world, so there is always someone in Guild Chat, no matter what time zone you live in.

    Join us!
    Edited by Grimmsplatter on January 25, 2016 1:18AM
  • Grimmsplatter
    Onyx is still recruiting!

    Please post your gamertag here if you are interested in joining, or contact Lord Oblivion1 on XBL.
  • FlufySquirelSGT
    Sure invite Flufysquirelsgt
  • Grimmsplatter
    Invite sent! Welcome to Onyx! Please join Guild chat 1 and introduce yourself, and read the message of the day. See you around.
  • Grimmsplatter
    Congratulations to all the new members in the last couple weeks! Onyx is glad you joined.

    We are still recruiting if anyone is interested.

    We currently have a shortage of Tanks and Healers for the Vet dailies, so if you are chasing those monster helms or just want to see what the Undaunted pledges are all about, join us!
  • Grimmsplatter
    Big welcome to all the new recruits!

    We are currently running a Cyrodiil Skyshard Hunt event where everyone clears out every delve and Dark Anchor in Cyrodiil for the skill points and achievments.

    We will be organizing weekly events like this in the future, as well as daily Imperial Sewer runs for trophies, and we always have a group in PVP fighting in the Alliance War.

    We have Master Crafters in every profession and character build gurus that can offer advice on how best to spec your character and equipment to maximize whichever role you want to play.

    We are still recruiting so join the fun!
  • Grimmsplatter
    Wow, the response has been great from this community! We've made many new friends in the last few weeks.

    Thanks again to everyone who has been participating in the group events and just generally being helpful and active in guild chat!

    We're still recruting if anyone wants to join an active, growing community of friendly people from all walks of life.

    Post your Xbox gamertag here for invites, or message Lord Oblivion1 if you have any questions.
  • Grimmsplatter
    Just a friendly reminder: Onyx requires that it's members join voice chat at least twice a week.

    It seems a lot of the newer members are not introducing themselves. It's sad to see our members running around solo, when there is a community of helpful and knowledgeable players one click away.

    New members should join the Onyx All Members 1 channel and introduce themselves. Feel free to ask any questions there, or just listen in. You can learn a lot about this game by just listening to an active group of other players.

    For text chat, we use an app that you can download to your phone or tablet. Read the message of the day for instructions on how to set that up.

    We are still recruiting if anyone wants to join!
    Edited by Grimmsplatter on January 25, 2016 1:15AM
  • Grimmsplatter
    Reply here with your full Gamertag or message Lord Oblivion1 on Xbox Live regarding invites.
  • Grimmsplatter
    One of our Master Provisioners just completed the Psijic Ambrosia recipe, so we will be organizing group fishing expeditions to get those Perfect Roe to make XP potions for everyone who wants to level up faster.
  • Redgrimm666
    DestroyedFool67 add me up thanks!!
  • Grimmsplatter
    We will send you an invite soon, welcome to Onyx!
  • Grimmsplatter
    Onyx is still recruiting, come join the fun!
  • Killino
    I would like to join your guild. I have maxed all the crafting skills, well 47 in enchanting and 8 traits researched in all most every piece of armor and weapons.

    Also have a vet 16 DK stam tank. I would love to find some people to dungeon crawl with. I have a healer who I play with already.

    We PVP most nights. I am a tank so dueling I suck but in open PVP pretty good.

    GT: killino dragos
  • Grimmsplatter
    Sounds great, I'll send you an invite as soon as I can. Welcome to Onyx!
  • Grimmsplatter
    Reply with your gamer tag for an invite.
  • PoseidonEvil
    I ran a vet dungeon as a tank with one of your members and just so happen he sent me an invite :p I accepted so I hope this guild works out since I like to run dailies everyday
    Edited by PoseidonEvil on June 21, 2016 6:36PM
    XB1 NA *GT: A L C H E lVl Y *
    Great House Hlaalu Guildmaster * | Dynasty | Officer * Lotus Guild Member
    Kermak dro-Smoketh -- Stamplar -- PvP toon
    Avik C'istom -- DK Tank -- Dungeon/Trials Tank
    Ma'zharim The Wanderer -- Khajiit Stamsorc -- PvE Toon
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