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Stats Change Based on World?

Hey guys,

I am new to ESO, and I have searched far and wide for an answer to this question but I could not find one, so I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I can't find the answer anywhere...

I noticed that when I travelled to a new world (I don't remember what it was called now), all the enemies were automatically lvl 16. I am lvl 8. I thought that it would be really difficult and that I would die often, but then I looked at my gear & weapon stats and they had all increased! For example - my overall physical resistance normally is around 2200, but in this world is jumped to over 11000!

Is this normal? Does the game adjust your gear and weapon stats to make it easier to traverse higher level worlds?

If so - that just seems too easy! Is there any way to turn this off? If the world is too high for my level I would prefer just not playing it until I level up more.

Thank you so much in advance!! :smile:
  • eNumbra
    If you went to Wrothgar or Cyrodiil, yes. You get battle-leveled.
  • tinythinker
    For PvP enabled zones like Cyrodiil and Imperiac City and for the DLC zones like Imperial City and Wrothgar, you will be battle-leveled to VR15 (unless you are already VR15 or VR16). In other zones that are non-PvP and part of the base game, such as your home Alliance areas, the home zones for other Alliances (part of Cadwell's Silver and Gold), and the Craglorn adventure zone, you will not be battle-leveled.
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  • Bunndale
    Thank you both so much. I was going crazy trying to find an answer!
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