Official Discussion Thread for "Crown Store Showcase: December 2nd, 2015"

  • LaxWoW18
    any idea how much the new mounts are?

    im at work and cannot find them in the crown store on the website.
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    We're starting maintenance now, so the items will be available across all platforms within the next hour!
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  • Paulington
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    LaxWoW18 wrote: »
    any idea how much the new mounts are?

    im at work and cannot find them in the crown store on the website.

    The last time these were on the Crown Store I believe they were 2,500 Crowns each. :).
  • Paulington
    Community Ambassador
    I tried to speak to Almalexia but she declared me "Too fancy" or some such..

  • SilentFox22
    Was holding out hope on the costumes (to spend my ever growing cache of crown$), but the color schemes just do not fit any of my characters. =/
  • Narmaeril
    I really like the "Off-the-Shoulder Evening Dress" (perfect for roleplay events) and I love the "Senche-Leopard" - the pelt looks incredible real und furry.. with just the right spots ;) I did not get it the 1st time, so I am really glad I could get it in this round of comebacks.

    But I have to complain, too... :'(
    Most of my characters are female... and none of the orcish robes and tunicas are matching a female body outline... especially the chest looks too broad and not very female and sexy. I encounter this problem very often (f.e. I also don't like the outline design of the Trinimac robe). Probably these costumes are just made for male characters?

    Also the dress and gown emphasize the female breast a lot... a lot of guys might like that... as a female player I'd like to have a more decent view of the nice parts. (None of my characters has the maximum option for breast size. More average.)

    As an example, what kind of robe and chest outlining I very much prefer: The Xivkyn style robe and chest offers a really nice upper body for female characters and defines the chest the best way.

    ((I know, I know... girls and their dressing problems! :p ))
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