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Can someone invite me to a strong guild? Lv 11 Vet

I belong to 4 guilds and they have become ghost towns... I want to join a vibrant guild... where buying/selling/activity is strong. I don't mind if there is a guild fee involved. Please invite me... my xbox gamer tag is: lastango

sorry for spamming the front page with this, I just haven't had much luck venturing into threads and getting invited to join well established guilds.
  • Necromionicon
    I'll send you an invite lastango! Hop into chat and say hi!
    Sydea AD CP780 dps magblade
    Sydbuddy A EP CP780 stamdk tank
    Sprinkly Tinkler AD CP780 dps magplar
    Witterbug AD CP780 dps stam sorc
    Scinter EP CP780 dps magdk
    Sydbuddy B CP780 dps magsorc
    Storage Sam EP CP780 magplar healer
    Astr'ea DC CP780 dps stam sorc
    Ray'nara AD CP780 sap tank magblade
    J'nara DC CP690 780 stamblade
    J'Maru AD CP780 dps stamplar
    M'taabo AD CP780 dk tank
    Ar'Jynta DC CP780 warden tank
    Ulur'Aba DC CP780 dps magward
    Tor/nea DC CP780 dps stamward
  • lastango
    Thanks... I appreciate it.
  • o_Skellington_o
    I'm am one of the leaders of a fairly new guild. We've grown a lot in the last few weeks. Check out the link and let me know if you are interested.
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