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The Merchant's Reserve, an established trading guild with 480+ members

The Merchant's Reserve is recruiting! We are a laid-back trade guild on the PC/NA server with a casual atmosphere that has been around since May 2015.

If you're interested, please respond in this thread with your in-game account name, or contact one of the following officers in-game:
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PC/NA ― Officer of Nightfighters ― Former GM of The Merchant's Reserve
PC/EU ― Member of WipeKings

Dungeons and Trials:
Personal best scores:
  • Dragonstar Arena: 45395 (NA)
  • Maelstrom Arena: 600526 (NA)
  • Maw of Lorkhaj: 165227 (EU)
  • Halls of Fabrication: 211094 (NA) (Tick-Tock Tormentor #1, #2, #3, #4)
  • Asylum Sanctorium: 113131 (EU) (Immortal Redeemer #1, #2)
  • Cloudrest: 127395 (NA)
  • Sunspire: 216707 (EU)

Dungeon trifectas:

Add-Ons: Itemization BrowserLoot LogDeconstruction Junk MarkerRaidificatorPurge TrackervHoF Status PanelAsylum Status PanelDungeon TimerCombat AlertsSmart Looter

Guides: Sunspire MechanicsScalebreaker Dungeon Hard Modes

Media: YouTubeTwitch
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