The Merchant's Reserve, an established trading guild with 480+ members

The Merchant's Reserve is recruiting! We are an established trading guild with 480+ members. Stable guild trader kiosk in the city of Daggerfall and a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Weekly giveaway prizes and raffles.

While members are encouraged to actively sell and participate in the weekly fundraiser raffle, there are no mandatory dues, quotas, or other requirements. This is because I feel strongly that, at the end of the day, ESO is a game and should not feel like work.

If you're interested, please respond in this thread with your in-game account name, or send an in-game whisper to @code65536 (my mailbox is often full, though, so whispers or thread replies are usually better).
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PC/NA ― GM of The Merchant's Reserve ― Officer of Nightfighters
DC – Breton Nightblade – DD – Snow Oryx   ☙
DC – Dunmer Dragonknight – DD/Tank – Cinder Oryx   ☙
EP – Altmer Sorcerer – DD – Elim Crake
DC – Breton Templar – Healer – Zebulon the Spirit Bear
AD – Bosmer Nightblade – DD – Higgs Bosmer
DC – Argonian Dragonknight – Tank – Erects-the-Horns-of-War
DC – Redguard Sorceress – DD – Rallina Oryx
DC – Altmer Nightblade – DD – Joyèd

DC – Dunmer Nightblade – DD – Raven Oryx   ☙
DC – Argonian Dragonknight – Tank – Takes-All-Blame
DC – Altmer Sorceress – DD – Codegasm

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