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Official Discussion Thread for "Orsinium Launch Details & New Video"

  • Challak
    Soul Shriven
    Gamepad support for PC on November 2nd 2015.

    Looks like I'll be subscribing and playing again on November 2nd.
    Thanks devs!
  • theman80203
    Soul Shriven
    I looked up what the catch up system is and i hate it. it's so stupid the cap is 501 which i agree is also stupid. So all the players who worked so hard for more points are being done cruddy and champion points will cost more xp to get IT'S STUPID TO CALL IT A CATCH UP SYSTEM IF ANYTHING IT'S MORE REASON TO GRIND WHEN THERE SHOULD'T BE
  • Lorajet
    Early release? More PvE? Oh, yea, :) ESO Plus will be renewed
  • humpalicous
    Dear Zenimax,

    I have supported you and this game from the start and for a beginner in the MMO arena I actually believe that you have done a decent job. This new patch and DLC sounds very exciting and you seem to be focusing on balancing the game to make it fun for everyone, which is great. This new DLC also brings some new challenges and content for the solo player (Maelstrom Arena for example), which is a great attempt at implementing solo-play in an MMO.

    For all of this and everything beforehand, I thank you. BUT... and there's always a but... (no pun intended)

    ...This new "fresh" idea of balancing the Champion System with a level/point cap is beyond reasoning, logic, measure and respect in my honest opinion.


    Because it's basically a big, and please excuse my French, "SCREW YOU" (I could have chosen a nastier description) to your most loyal players. A disrespectful gesture to the people who have stuck with this game from the beginning, who have most likely stayed an ESO Plus Member, who have played this game every day and kept it alive.

    Now, respectfully speaking, I understand your predicament, you must listen to the voice of the community. But please, for the love of God, don't take it out on the players who keep this game alive.

    Of course, a cap of 501 points is indeed a lot. But consider this, Deltia had over 600 points a few weeks ago (on the other he plays an immense amount). You don't believe that there are other players like him out there? Sypher? King Richard? Just to name a few...

    And let's not even begin to discuss the players who were/are closing in on 500 points in total. Can't you feel their heated frustration over this nonsensical cap at your offices?

    I'm just voicing a concern here.

    In the end you must understand something Zenimax, this is an MMO, and in these kinds of games there will ALWAYS be players who are better than others. There will ALWAYS be players who play more than others, who strive towards the best kind of gear, skills, builds etc.

    Don't limit their potential by trying to balance the game for people who are either new to the game or who are just plain out bad at this game.

    With all this said, I'm not talking about myself here. I have 200 Champion Points and I'm nowhere near the elite in this game. I'm just a concerned player that's worried about you limiting the potential of this game...

    Now I must apologize for extensive rant/concern and thank those who took the time to read this. Please, let me know what you think about this cap, because it's going to have a rather large impact in the upcoming launch of Orsinium.

    Though I'm still looking forward to exploring the land of the hideous Orcs!
  • asuitandtyb14_ESO
    I for one was really excited about this initially, because I have been a big fan of the Orsimer since Morrowind. Now that I've seen the armour, clothing, concept art and architecture I am really disappointed. Crushed actually, because I was holding onto this expansion as the reason to keep playing this game. Quite frankly, nothing about the Orsimer, or Orsinium, is even closely related to the described canon lore. The art style of the clothing and weapons is a complete far cry from any of the established styles in previous games. There is just no feel of anything that has made the Orsimer who they are, and nothing visually meets the style of their culture. It's very "phoned in", it's lazy, I can tell the designers didn't do any research, or just didn't care about it.
  • AstroGazer1
    Glad to see Orsinium DLC and GAMEPAD Support finally. Seems to work great on the test server for 360 controller. The XboxOne Controller needs a vertical (Up/Down) fine tuning to stop the downward drift. But all in all the DLC looks to be alot of fun and adventure. Keep up the good work ESO.
  • darkspyro92_ESO
    That Khajiit is holding a staff with unholy flames...

    Necromancer class confirmed?
    Argonians always and forever.
  • Solid_Metal
    i still don't uinderstand about the level part

    "available for any level"
    so it'll scaling based on my character level or something?, so this is kind of instance area just for 1 character?
    "i will walk through the fog, as i welcome death"
  • Enodoc
    i still don't uinderstand about the level part

    "available for any level"
    so it'll scaling based on my character level or something?, so this is kind of instance area just for 1 character?
    @Solid_Metal It's the other way around. You will scale to the level of the content. Meaning, whatever level you are, you will be able to get appropriate XP and continue to level up.
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  • parabolee
    Soul Shriven
    YAY gamepad support at long last!!!!

    I just wish you would have delivered it sooner than a week before Fallout 4! Does not give me much time to dig deep back into ESO.

    I look forward to jumping back in though, once I have played the hell out of Fallout 4. Been holding off for ages waiting for this controller support. Almost switched to the console version since it was taking so long!

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