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Official Discussion Thread for "Orsinium Launch Details & New Video"

  • lifefrombelowb14_ESO
    So basically I just spent a bunch of time and gold to get new gear just to have to do it all over again (maybe) and have time I spent deconstructing an item for 1 mat just to have it basically be for nothing because new nodes.....

    Yay! (Like from Monty Python's Holy Grail when they ate the minstrels)
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  • Tandor
    @Djeriko Shield dyeing. We told you it was "soon." :)

    Exactly! We didn't know you meant "imminent"!

    Great-sounding DLC and base patch, kudos to the team :smiley: !
  • nimander99
    YES! I'm so excited I got goose bumps! Solo challenge?!?! Sweeeeeeeet!!!! This will be the best!

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    "MOAR!!" = Charge for DLC that subs had already paid for,
    "MOAR!!!" = Experience scrolls and riding lessons,
    "MOARR!!!" = Vampire/werewolf bites,
    "MOAARRR!!!" = CS exclusive motifs,
    "MOOAARRR!!!" = Crown crates,
    "MOOOAAARRR!!!" = 'Chapter's' bought separately from ESO+,
    "MOOOOAAAARRRR!!!!" = ???

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  • mikeleg34_ESO
  • SturgeHammer
    The HYPE... it's... too much to... bear mount... *Explodes*

    Fixed that for you.
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  • maxlacab16_ESO
    PTS here I come!
  • tisch28
    OMG LFG IMPROVEMENTS!!!!!!!!! Bold that in the patch notes pls. Along with cross alliance grouping omg there might be hope for us yet. This has seriously been my biggest peeve in the game and has actually brought the thought of quitting to mind just cause i cant find a group with it now and let alone a trial later on.
  • xMovingTarget
    Slurg wrote: »
    Sigh... Can someone post the text please? No matter how I try, I cannot defeat the age gate boss on that link. It just loops back over and over again.

    Give it some years until you are old enough :D Kappa
  • Azzuria
    Waaaaay back in the day ( a year and a half ago ) ZOS promised a continuous stream of new content.

    Yeah... not so much.

    Good to see they might be finally keeping that promise.

    Orsinium looks awesome!
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  • Shadesofkin
    Was totally caught by surprise but that's pretty great.
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  • jcasini222ub17_ESO
    Curious as to what subscribers will actually get. Will something like the Bear mount need to be unlocked by purchasing the big bundle? Or as a subscriber bear mount cometh anyway?

  • ThePonzzz
    Gotta hand it to you, ZOS, looks great. Best Monday announcement yet.

    Those concerned about gear, this DLC was always slated for 2015, so a good portion of the player base was waiting before grinding VR16 materials. That said, the gear from IC is very much orientated for PvP, so it will still have a use if you enjoy PvP.
  • Lorkhan
    sweet zos, well done.
    i hope the new ways we can spend AP worth going back to cyrodiil
  • Rosveen
    Curious as to what subscribers will actually get. Will something like the Bear mount need to be unlocked by purchasing the big bundle? Or as a subscriber bear mount cometh anyway?
    There is no subscriber bear mount. Since it clearly doesn't come with the DLC, it's going to be available for purchase in the crown store (and the bear cub pet too). I'm a little disappointed, I hoped the bear would be an in-game reward earned by playing in Orsinium. I can't say I'm surprised it isn't, though.
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  • REiiGN15
    You need to stop this 2 week later thing for Xbox One and PS4. As soon as you release it PC gets a better version through a patch and we get broken stuff all over the place on the console version. Seriously, don't release it until a PC patch is also in the release for the X1/PS4.
  • Mettaricana
    I saw a argonian behemoth in the arena murkmire teaser much lol. which armor is akavir style first looked like futuristic dwemer second looked orcish and third looked very orcish
  • REiiGN15
    Can I get rubedite ingots from this instead of rummaging through sewers or a broken city?
  • Vyle_Byte
    REiiGN15 wrote: »
    Can I get rubedite ingots from this instead of rummaging through sewers or a broken city?

    "Special harvest nodes that scale to the most advanced material type your character can use for crafting"

    The nodes are specific to what you can craft. So, if you can craft v15/16 you will get those nodes. :)
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  • olsborg
    Fantastic, finaly some solo stuff, do you gain Undaunted rank by doing the solo arena? @ZOS_GinaBruno
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  • Lalaeith
    Awesome news! Thank you :D Looking forward to all of this.
  • Sausage
    Goodbye life, Im still so hooked to IC.
  • SpAEkus
    So is the actual play area that small chunk above DC Stormhaven or is this a separate pop-out to a new area like ColdHarbor?

    If it is there in that North West corner, the area is smaller than Craglorn.
    Edited by SpAEkus on October 5, 2015 3:29PM
  • kongkim
    This reeeelly looks like one of the bests updates we have seen :)
  • jcasini222ub17_ESO
    Thanks @Rosveen and I concur, I was hoping it'd be in game related but it being in crown store isn't too surprising. I just got confused a bit with Orsinium DLC and Orsinium DLC Collectors Bundle.

  • myrrrorb14_ESO
    Cross-faction dungeons!

    "Soon" really was soon.

    PS: please dont break the game again, still waiting for fix from last update and I am really excited to play this update.

    Does the node scaling include the new vr15+ mats?
  • Wollust
    Oh wow this came unexpected. Not ever have I thought you guys would release this so soon. I thought it would take at least 4-5 month. What a pleasent surprise. :smile:

    Shield dyeing :heart:

    Zerg Squad
  • OGLezard
    Xendyn wrote: »
    You did it @ZOS_RichLambert !!!
    You did it!

    Wooot, I'm so proud of you guys! What a wonderful surprise!

    Many exclamation points (and kudos) for you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So much this! I have said so many negative things about this company recently, and some of them are well deserved, HOWEVER! This dlc looks like it will be the redeeming factor for me and my fiance! I can not wait to try this out on pts and see if it is everything I am hoping it is!

    EDIT: Now if they would only start publicly banning people for cheating/exploiting and stop giving people free passes for months on end until they finally patch them.
    Edited by OGLezard on October 5, 2015 3:48PM
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