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You Know You've Been Playing ESO Too Much When...

  • auronessb16_ESO
    Krist wrote: »
    • When your wife waits until the end of a battle to put your coffee down in front of you.

    When my husband waits until my battle is over before asking for coffee.
  • Storymaster
    Rioghnan wrote: »
    I will go first:

    When you are watching a show that has a random shot of yellow flowers on a tall weed and you immediately think, "Oh, there's some jute, I should pick that and make a robe."

    And additionally, you know you've been playing Morrowind too much when out of the corner of your eye you think you see a guar in the bushes on the way to school -- and don't even think much of it. And also, you keep thinking you can hear the music from it all the time, just out of earshot. :)

    I experienced this, only it was when I was playing DayZ. So when driving to work it was like, hey look at that barrel over there. I should nab it while I can and take it back to my base, or look at those industrial containers over there. I wonder if I can open them and find some ammo inside. Hope I don't run into wolves.
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  • Gan Xing
    Gan Xing
    My life is actually bleeding into ESO a bit... I start wondering what species each plant I pass while on my direwolf is... As for ESO bleeding into my life... i regularly hum music from the game when I'm walking around
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  • newtinmpls
    Yeah I know this thread is old, but it's still relevant.

    Hubby is driving me to work and it's a nice rural drive - center of the road there is a rolled up crimson sweater thing. I see a chunky length of dark red and call out

    "Ruby Ash!"
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  • Athan1
    newtinmpls wrote: »
    I see a chunky length of dark red and call out "Ruby Ash!"
    Had the same reaction when I saw this:
    Athan Atticus Imperial Templar of Shezarr
  • Anumaril
    More than once I've called fireflies "torchbugs", and gotten thoroughly confused reactions from people. I guess it just seems so logical in a way, so my mind never stops to think "wait, that's obviously something from TES, don't say that".
  • Saoirse_Siobhan
    Whenever I see a lone blue flower amongst the grass I'm like "*Gasp* Cornflower!"... And then I'm disappointed I won't get any gold from it.
    PC/EU DC
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