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ESTEEMED of ALDMERI DOMINION - Adults 30+ yrs old

  • Robothive
    Soul Shriven
    Id like to join if your still taking people. Fairly new 38 years old have a mag sorcerer at about 90 cp.

    PSN: TBOT421
  • gkspcg_ESO
    Looking for invite. 51 year old. CP235 Nightblade

    PSN: Gargoyle-1965
  • Alienbob64
    Invite pls.

    PSN: Alienbob64
  • godofhalo
    Soul Shriven
    I'll take an invite too please. 31 year old in NC.

    PSN: godofhalo

    Yes, I know my name is wrong for the playstation, it's leftover from pre-college and I don't want to give up all my trophies and stuff to make a new account :)
  • Chairo_Kuma
    ill send invite out tonight
  • godofhalo
    Soul Shriven
    Sweet, I'll accept when I get home from work.
  • ephraim613
    Soul Shriven
    Does this group do PVP as well as PVE? I am interested in joining a guild that has group PVP activities as well as the regular PVE content.

    If this is you I would love an invite.

    PSN: ephraim613

  • PRXEloswith
    Looking for a friendly guild that does a variety of content and this seems like one of those :)

    I do qualify on the age side as well :)

    PSN: PicusB
  • Raviah
    Soul Shriven
    Hey all. If ya'll are still recruiting that would be great. I want to meet new people who enjoy dungeons--I'm a healer and don't much enjoy my offset. I've never done trials and I really want to. I've been playing a healer on MMOs for way too long, but I enjoy it. I had no idea player homes were coming, so I'm in heaven right now! Anyway, my PSN ID is Raviah, the same as this. Drop me a line in game, thanks!
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