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ESO Live July 2nd - Questions for Lead Combat Designer Eric Wrobel

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This Thursday, July 2nd, we'll have Lead Combat Eric Wrobel on ESO Live to talk about combat and itemization improvements and fixes coming in our next major game update. If you have a question for Eric about skill lines, item sets, traits, passives, anything related to combat and itemization, post it here! We'll pick a handful of your questions for him to answer live on the show.
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  • Denaia
    What is, in your opinion, the change the community asked most for?
  • smokes
    1. is there an ETA for when VR ranks are due to be removed?
    2. when they are removed, how is everything VR1+ being transitioned? gear/items/food etc
    3. how is seasonal gear going to work?
    4. when can we expect the first set of DLC content packs to be released?
    5. can you give an ETA on a paid name change service?
    6. can you clarify the design intentions and direction for endgame and what impact the playerbase has had on that design since pc launch?
    7. has any thought been given to CP brackets for cyrodiil to separate out veteran VR players from new VR players who feel at a constant disadvantage? as over time the power gap between hardcore players and more casual players will continue to widen long after VR ranks are removed, even with XP potions available, which may even exacerbate the situation.
    8. is upcoming DLC going to be solo or group focused? or solo with group elements?
    9. with VR removal is craglorn going to be rebalanced to be more solo friendly? or kept roughly where it currently is?
    10. any plans to add an app or web portal to view characters/skills/gear/inventory/action bars from outside of the game? it would make it a lot easier for players to share builds.
    11. any plans for new races or classes?
    12. any new mounts in the works? saw the bear in the trailer for imperial city, looks cool.
    13. what would you like to see ingame as a mount?
    14. will there ever be an expansion? or will expansions come in the form of smaller DLC packs
    15. as time passes, will there be extensions to the current champion system?
    16. as new DLC content is released are there any new mob types to encounter in the new zones?
    17. when will i be able to stack siege equipment in my inventory?
    18. is it possible to have a personal bank on each character as well as the account wide bank? if so, can we have it?

    i think thats probably enough for now. questions 1 and 6 are the ones i'd most appreciate being answered, but some kind of answer to all of them would be great.
  • Attorneyatlawl
    -Maw of the Infernal: Not so long ago, there was a mention of plans to update this item set from the Undaunted to have a more reliable proc chance and/or criteria. Can we expect to see this in the next major game patch?

    -Nirnhoned and Reinforced: What are your thoughts on how they are currently balanced? Any hints as to how they may soon be changed up? Will we see nirnhoned brought down, or Reinforced brought up? On the same note, any ideas on how to help improve the in-game messaging of how all of this "stuff" works to encourage players to create more durable builds? I feel as though a large part of the quick TTK (time to kill) issues encountered in Cyrodiil and PVP in general are an outgrowth of a lot of people just aiming for raw damage without realizing they could live a lot longer to do a lot more if they just dialed it back a little.

    -When the new item sets go live, will we want to have some Gold Undaunted Keys saved up, or will these rewards be tied to some other system?

    -Any teasers as to some of the new item sets? Has there ever been more recent discussion of allowing us to somehow, even at large cost, re-trait existing items such as dropped or PVP reward ones?

    -Spell Damage, Weapon Damage, and regeneration glyphs for Jewelry have been very low on their item power allocation since version 1.6 as compared to 1.5 and prior patches, where they used to be nearly equivalent to a set bonus for each glyph. Currently they top out at 64 points, while a set bonus for Spell Damage, for example, goes to around 175-179 depending on the source and rank of the set at legendary. Cost reduction glyphs were scaled to a strong, and consistent, value compared to the old system. Is this planned to be addressed in the next major update? If not, are they being left alone and intended to be this way, and why?

    -Ambush, Extended Chains, Werewolf Pounce, and other "leap"/pull type skills: Any chance we'll see the return of chains and ambush being useful for keep sieges and battles? A long time ago we could yank defenders down from the walls if they didn't block. We also could Ambush/Teleport Strike up to them as nightblades, among other things. While this left mechanics open for abuse, would it be possible to change it so these skills had their height restrictions once more removed, but only if you are in a resource or objective that is flagged/"burst" (aka in combat) in PVP?

    I would love to see these sorts of changes along with higher structure health on walls/doors to create a longer siege dynamic with more potential for offenses and defenses to happen. Currently it often feels like there is little if any time to get out there to defend, and the sieges usually boil down to waiting for the enemy to reach the inner, or at minimum begin sieging the inner, to really do much fighting as you are at a significant disadvantage (as are they to stick their necks out) engaging before the outer walls are breached.

    -Will we see the Alliance War's "Support" and "Assault" skill lines branched out further to help provide longer-term goals for earning alliance ranks?

    -Champion System experience in PVP combat is very poor. It unfortunately is so out of line with all other sources of experience, including even while leveling Veteran Ranks or normal character levels, that you largely are wasting your time out there if you want to earn XP. This also leaves players who enjoy a lot of PVP very short on Champion Levels as a result. In the recent Reddit AMA we saw a comment about bringing many other XP sources up towards the rate of leveling that grinding mobs allows for. Will this include a pass at PVP XP at the same time?

    -ESO has a very in-depth combat system including a number of status effects and game mechanics, however they are largely opaque at this time. Given the broadening community support after the console launch for further user interface options and toggles such as buff/debuff indicators (which have been stated to be incoming), optional name/guild tags, and a combat log tab, how do potential upcoming changes and options for the UI factor into your decision-making on balance changes? A lot of feedback often is based on observation rather than having any objective information when players post. Are there plans to expand the UI back towards some of its original feature set such as seen here? http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/183978/i-went-on-an-archaeology-expedition-on-my-hard-drive-and-found-the-long-lost-oft-demanded-true-ui .

    Examples of these effects include damage shields having zero mitigation, while players just see a giant shield and assume it is as good as health, or the large damage multiplier you gain against off balance enemies when using a heavy attack, which also knocks them down, or weapon enchantments with secondary effects like the snare on frost, or outgoing enemy damage debuff applied by shock enchants, as well as numerous others that have either zero, or little, in game messaging or cue to show that they even exist. =)
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  • BigM
    Can we have it in writing instead of on video, writing on the official forums is what we been asking for the last year?

    Can you at least go into the threads on Official forums and respond to the questions answered there?

    Can you tell us when the bugs that have been around from beta will get fixed on PC/MAC?

    Can you inform us why you outsource for developers when the best way is to have coders that understand their code so fixing bugs are done faster?

    Can you tell us why the loyal player base that has been here from beta are treated so terrible and it shows in the ESO+ (at least to us).

    Can you tell us after a year of really nothing but a partial Justice system, will you give us Imperial City and all that goes with it for free?

    Can you (last question) tell us how you plan on stopping the bleeding on all platforms of this game?
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  • Erlex
    Are you ever going to actually fix the Templar charge? What is the deal with it STILL being broken after being "fixed' 3 times.

    Is it intended for people to be able to do 30k+ burst dmg out of stealth to instantly kill anyone?

    Why are shields still stacking when it is so obviously a huge issue? Sorcs are well known to stack 40k in shields while still having 18-20k hp and nuking for 20-30k a shot.
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  • BigM
    Most of us subbed to support the game, any game I play I support if I like it. Yes even if F2P or B2P, but I was wrong, they clearly do not care about us so I will never support this game again. Well unless a big change is done at the top and they stop outsourcing, loyalty is important to any MMORPG whether it is employees or customers.
    “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
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  • Rylana
    Are there any plans to address the current infinite resource scaling issues inherent to champion + minmax.

    An example would be a medium armor bosmer with enough points in tumbling that can literally roll dodge infinitely due to having 3k+ stam regen
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  • Cogo
    Any date for the release of The Imperial City, Orsinium, The Dark Brotherhood guild and Thieves guild?

    When will the next major update go live?

    When will the improvements to Cyro that Brian wheeler posted go live?

    I have no questions about the content. Just wish to know when! o:)

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  • Rune_Relic
    What is your favourite cheese ?
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  • Faulgor
    Will the upcoming new item sets have unique styles?
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  • spawn10459
    Can we get some Content updates this year? i mean we have only been waiting 12 months.

  • i3ig_Gun
    1. When are you going to fix the item stacking problem?

    2. When can we expect to see player activity times in our guild roster.

    3. What EXACTLY is the penalty for someone robbing the guild bank or scaming people for bites and/or items.
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  • KriHavok
    How do you ensure all combat is balanced in ESO?
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  • yodased
    1. What is your name?

    2. What is your quest?

    3. What is the is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    Tl;dr really weigh the fun you have in game vs the business practices you are supporting.
  • CP5
    What plans do you have regarding the sorcerer class? After 1.6 with how the games meta shifted most sorcerer builds outside the current shield spamming few are little more than weapon platforms.

    Also, do the devs still feel that the werewolf is still in a good position? 1.5 did add a lot but with the addition of the free stamina regen passive most players picked up the transformation only for that and using the transformation still leads to less than desirable results more often than not.
  • Heromofo
    What is with the lack of content?

    Where is all the content promised last year?

    When will you guys get over the whole no small scale pvp?

    Etc etc etc lol

  • Strider_Roshin
    Can you mention anything specific in regards to how you plan on making Nords more powerful? They are suppose to be the greatest warriors after all, and while rugged is good, the other passives aren't worth putting a skill point into.
  • Strider_Roshin
    When the thieves guild and the dark brotherhood come out, do you plan on adding any new abilities?
  • LaerothKeykalyn
    When crafting spells appear?
  • olsborg
    When is Spellcrafting coming? And in what form is it coming, will it be like originally teased at quakecon about spellschools etc? Can we choose elements to specialize in etc and different spellschools? Please answer as much as you can about this.

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  • Neizir
    yodased wrote: »

    3. What is the is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    11 meters per second :)

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  • atomicspacecake
    Soul Shriven
    When can we expect to see spell crafting or any potential skill line oriented towards illuision or alteration magic?
  • Attorneyatlawl
    Can you mention anything specific in regards to how you plan on making Nords more powerful? They are suppose to be the greatest warriors after all, and while rugged is good, the other passives aren't worth putting a skill point into.

    I must disagree here. The hp regen passive is actually very powerful when used in a suitable build as your hp regeneration ticks every two seconds and is persistent, unaffected by heal debuffs, and 100% passive. I would like to know if this passive may be undergoing changes as I planned to roll a Nord using hp regen and the incoming damage reduction to be very durable. Can we get a bit of information as to how these may be changing so we can plan ahead? That is a very good question I am glad you brought up, @Strider_Roshin . <3
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  • Alcast
    Class Representative
    1st Question:
    Problem with Stamina morph skills and Elemental/Magic damage type Ultis as STAMINA BUILD:
    1. Those skills work ONLY with Spellpenetration and NOT Armorpenetration.
    3. Alll Ulties are Elemental or Magic damage type (except Take flight is physical)
    2. Can not boost dmg with Mighty(+physical dmg) in The Ritual(for Stamina builds), have to use CP in The Apprentice(Magicka builds) to boost those things. Means only Magicka builds profit, not Stamina builds.

    Problem explained here:

    2nd Question:
    Are you planning on creating an Insanity/Nightmare Dragonstar Arena Mode where ALL your CPs are kinda "negated/canceled out". At least this way we would have a challange again.
    > Means, Stronger Enemies, if you wipe reset...etc.

    3rd Question:
    Will you ever remove PvP SKills from PvE. At the Moment MAGICKA DETONATION wipes out EVERY trashpack at the same time in Trials if 6+ ppl cast it.

    4th Question:
    Will you Reset the leaderboards once the next Major Update Launches so it is "Bugfree" unlike now with bugs like Last Stand Perma ultigain etc.
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  • leandro.800ub17_ESO
    Hi i have some questions about sets:

    -Are there plans to change the bonus on 9th trait set or will there be a 10th crafttable one in next big patch ?
    The curernt ones are bad compared with lower ranked ones

    -Will trial sets be given a buff?
    We think that rare bound items should be better than others

    An idea could be a new set where we could insert the bonus we want from the existing ones with no more than 1 type of bonus and with 6 bonus (a lovely 10th trait set :wink: )

    -Will imperial city have a new 2 piece undaunted set?

    To finish all please create a token system were 1 tokem = randon drop but 10 tokens = piece you need.
  • jthaanum
    Soul Shriven
    Nirnhoned armor... what are the changes being made and when are they going to take place? I feel that having a trait be mandatory for PVP is not ok, regardless of cost and time to research.
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  • BuggeX
    - Will there a way to Change Gear Traid?
    Or atleast Change them to somthing usefull. Having Exploring or somthing like that on V14 Sets is just mehh.

    How do you plan to Balance the DMG In/Out put for PVP.

    Any plans for the rolldogers/Blockers/Bolt escapers?

    Animation canc. any plans to improve this System to avoid abuse it with macros or will it remain like this?

    will there be a traid for armor like nirnhorned but for physical armor? mby a Option for the Crux for both, so no new mat or traid would be needed. ~35k max armor vs 50% Penetration and the a epic stack from weapon dmg to 5000 is a bit strange.

  • sirinsidiator
    Are there any plans to boost the weaker guild skills like trap beast or trapping web in the next major update? They are pretty underwhelming and not viable in pvp right now.
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  • Lord_Draevan
    Folks, Eric Wrobel's the lead COMBAT designer. I might be wrong, but I don't think he'll answer non-combat/combat design questions (i.e when is Imperial City, Wrothgar, removal of Vet Ranks, etc)

    "If you have a question for Eric about skill lines, item sets, traits, passives, anything related combat and itemization..."
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  • Sotha_Sil
    Are you satisfied with the current alliance war abilities implemented in the game (detonation, guard, and revealing flare...) and their behavior in PVP ? can we expect more PVP abilities or are you reworking the existing ones to make them more effective ? Some of these abilities are completely useless (guard & revealing flare) whereas some others have been used in a completely different way than what they were designed for (detonation).
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