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ESO Live July 2nd - Questions for Lead Combat Designer Eric Wrobel

  • SkylarkAU
    With its deadric summoning skill line the sorcerer class appears to be designed for pets. Against the rigors of PVP however this core tenet of the sorcerer class tends to go largely unused by the majority of players. After the last pet update they came closer to entering the PVP meta but didn't quite make it all the way, are there any plans to tweak this area further in the future?
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  • Kendaric
    1) Will we see new weapon skill lines? (e.g. polearms, onehanded without shield, crossbow, unarmed)

    2) Will we see spell schools eventually?

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  • Chufu
    Dear Eric,

    could you please talk about:
    • Trophies for dungeon challenges (Matt Firor told on RPC 2015 that there's a plan to bring this). ppl could use this trophies for buying a set or set-pieces. Is this actually a plan or "soon" or "sooner" planned?
    • Will we be able to change our class one a day with the crown-store?
    • Any plans to remove the race-abilities?
    • When will the Undaunted get an Ultimate?
    • If the second part of the justice system will be implemented: Will there be a new skillline like the "legerdemain"-skillline but for the "good" ones? And when so: Will this be a function like werewolf/vampire (you can only choose "legerdemain" or "guard")?
    • Could we get a new or two new traits like "resist poison" or "resist disease"? That would be much easier then to combine items with resistences AND Magicka/Health/Stamina.
    • Will other undaunted sets (like Maw of the Infernal) be changed too?
    • In the last time we heard about 20 new Item-sets (in one of the last ESO-Live-Shows). Will that all be max-level-sets? I am veeeeery curious, please tell us something about the new sets! :)
    • Will the vampire-skillline gets more active abilities? Werewolf was updated, but I miss some very cool vampire skills. The ESO-Schatzsucher-Contest for the new skills was very funny, some of them could find their way ingame!
    • Werewolf is sometimes buggy. I often hit the button and nothing happens, I don't transform into a werewolf. Could you please fix that? Otherwise this ultimate is veeeery useless.
    • Can you give us a small hint for one skill of the thieves ability or dark brotherhood, pleaaase? We are all very curious!
    • Is the Set "Lord Warden" still planned for the imperial prison or will you chance the stats?
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  • Lettigall
    Are there plans to add new skills to class and weapon skill lines? Not replacing old skills but adding new ones.
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  • Elloa

    This are my questions:

    1. Since the Update6 and the removal of the overcharge, the racial passive are now very important, making some races undesirable for competitve players. What's your plan to solve this situation? Will you implement the racial ultimate that were planed during the beta?

    2. Since the Update6, hybrid build are no more desirable and competitive. Do you have any plan to adapt and balance the game to allow and encourage this kind of gameplay?
    This could be done via itemisation, or instead of having 2 morphs by class spells and weapon abilities, you could have 3 morphs : 1 always using stamina, and one always using magika. This would allow more possibilities, more choices for players that would like, for example, to play a magika build with a bow, or a stamina build with a Staff. What do you think about that?

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  • Mopar63
    Will we see an expansion of the Crown Store to include some more basic functions such as Character Rename, Character transfer to another account, Character Transfer between servers and so on?

    Are there any active efforts being explored to increase the number of base classes or to give more skill trees?

    Will food and drink ever be stackable, so you can have one of each active at the same time?

    Any possibility we could see the spear added as a new weapons tree?

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  • Sacadon
    Any or all of the following would be great.

    - General
    • Please provide a summary of the combat related nerfs and buffs planned for upcoming patches or major release.
    • What are the combat developers working on right now (vs. what's in QA)?
    • Combat Corner - Will you please publish a monthly deep-dive or demystifying article that explains the mechanics of a skill that is highly-controversial in terms of player expectation, popular or heavily used? For example, NB Cloak is one that has been debated since the beginning of time in terms of what it should/should not do. Not only will this help players, but I suspect this will result in less bug reports for QA to sort through.
    - Champion System
    • When will the Arcane Well and other broken Champion System passives be fixed?
    • Please share any lessons learned from champion system that now shape the future of combat in a significant way.
    - Broken
    • Why is it so challenging to fix the fall damage unicorn issue?
    • What efforts are being taken to address the lack of consistency in cool-down and pfx behavior across all skill lines as these are erratic even in non-lag situations?
    Edited by Sacadon on July 1, 2015 11:37AM
  • olsborg
    Why dont nightblade and sorceror have an instant cast burst heal like breath of life or dragons blood? (temp and dk)
    Is there plans to remedy this unbalance?

    PC EU
    PvP only
  • lathbury
    Is trial dropped gear getting a buff as a lot of players feel it is underwhelming?

    Are there plans to introduce more sets that balance better with classes other than DK? as it seems there are many sets like skoria and sun silk that stack very well with the Dunmer Dragon knight light armour pyromancer builds. But there are less sets that offer the same kind of bonuses for other builds. I would like to see nord cyromancers be just as viable for example.

    Are there plans to introduce any more traits for weapons and armour?

    are there plans to introduce better 9 trait crafted sets? or if above is yes 10 trait crafted sets as master crafters are not really required in the current meta as sets above 6 traits are meh at best.

    how do you feel vampire and werewolfs are performing?

    how do you plan to remedy the incredibly short ttk in PVP and also the shield stacking zerg style play? as it has been said before that zerg style play was not how pvp was intended to work and may be a contributing factor to the lag. As it seems magicka detonation and the adjustments to aoe have thus far not succeeded.

    I have two nightblades one magicka and one stamina this question concerns concealed weapon I tried to make a touch magic nightblade but it cannot perform the same way as my stamina one does using the stamina morph of that skill. This is due to many things like being able to stack regen and weapon damage much higher on my stamina build than is possible to do with magicka and spell damage on the magicka build. Is this intended? as I seem to remember it being said that high risk play like using melee skills in light armour was also intended to be high reward.
  • randolphbenoit
    Will there be more 9th trait crafting stations to make new gear sets coming with the new DLC zones?
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  • P3ZZL3
    Please please please please please.....

    I beg of you....please.....

    Let me ride my horse once I've killed someone in Cyrodiil!

    I don't ask for much, but my little animated legs get tired trying to keep up with everyone else on a horse :(
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  • R0M2K
    Daedric Artifacts? Every ES game has them, esotu should be no exception and id love to see "Mace of Molag Baal" in big Orange letters.


    Alchemy Revamp? Snake Blood pasive im looking at you... Poisons?

    Vampirism id be happy with fire damage scaling with the vampirism stage and also making stage 1 lasting a minimum of 1h.
  • MornaBaine
    Can we ever hope that the feeding animation for vampires (I consider this a combat animation) will ever be changed? Most of us really hate it! Also, since launch, there is a bug that, if your vampire uses the Drain ability in combat, they may stay stuck in the animation with their arm outflung. I find I have to roll to break this. Will this annoying animation glitch ever be fixed?
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  • Johanb16_ESO8
    Soul Shriven
    Are we getting the option to inspect other players' gear/stats?
  • Junkogen
    Here's a couple questions for Eric Wrobel and the team:

    1. What goes into racial passive balancing because it seems like some races have really useful ones and others have more marginally useful passives? For example, some races get a 10% boost to a resource (really useful!) while others get things like increased swim or running speed (meh). How is balance determined?

    2. Argonian racial passives are in a pretty deplorable spot right now. Can you provide some insight into what type of "tweaks" you will be making to their racial passives to put them on par with favorites such as Imperial, Redguard, Altmer, and Breton?
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  • spawn10459
    PVP revamp When?
    Small scale PVP When?
    New content When?
    new items in crown store actually worth buying when?
  • KatzMainTank
    1.) Out of ALL the combat tuning on the list of things to do, which one is the most important?

    2.) Thoughts on small group PvP, such as 3v3?
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  • P3ZZL3
    What's #17 on your "Combat to-do" list? :)
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  • SG_Celerrimus
    Does Sheogorath approve of the festivities that will ensue in the Imperial City?
  • LaRoseNoire
    there will be a new skill line for Dark Brotherhood? and how will it be?
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  • Bobcat

    As a roleplayer and fan of the Elder Scrolls, I must confess I feel strongly disappointed whenever I find myself facing a locked door after having completed one of the quests in the game. Let me explain.

    We can find several types of environment in the game: public dungeons, group dungeons, taverns, houses, outdoor zones, countless ruins, not to mention a few planes of Oblivion and so on and so forth.

    Being a roleplayer (that is, a player who practices roleplay, or RP), as I mentioned above, I love to go out exploring in roleplay after I have completed the quests, so that I am not bothered by phasing and I can just follow my own imagination rather than being constrained by the quests and the gameplay (there is a huge difference between “roleplay” and “gameplay”, but that’s a whole different debate).

    I also happen to be the Game Master of an RP guild which organizes roleplay based on adventure and exploration (in a sort of Indiana Jones style, but adapted to the Elder Scrolls universe). In order to do that, I need to have access to locations I can use to create roleplay events.

    At the moment, the best location I have found in the Aldmeri Dominion (which is where I play), is a Khajiti ruin in Khenarthi’s Roost. It’s an absolutely ideal environment for adventure RP, because there are no enemy NPCs. As a result, one can easily play with emotes using /e and /s (traditional roleplayers like me use the chat channels more than their gameplay skills), and it’s pure heaven! Narrative emotes flow in abundance, as do player reactions, and not a single time are we bothered by the spawning and re-spawning of hostile NPCs coming to spoil our fun and to interrupt the impetus of our writing.

    Throughout the rest of the game, there are numerous areas which could be like that. Areas with a gameplay quest to be completed, which unfortunately become inaccessible after said quest has been completed.

    These areas hold no interest whatsoever for PvE players, and much less of course for PvP players, but they could represent so much for RPers! They could give them so many possibilities! I don’t think it should be too difficult to reprogram these zones to be unlocked once their quests are completed and the area has been cleared of all mobs. And it’s a much more modest request than, for example, the one of introducing a PvP campaign tagged [RP].

    All it takes is to unlock these areas in order to allow roleplayers like me to return there and to enjoy the game through this very immersive and often too criticized form of gaming that is roleplay.

    Of course we are not as numerous as PvE or PvP players. We are a very modest community compared to these two other types of players which constitute the “priority” for the developers of a videogame. But we also would like for our opinions to be taken in due consideration.

    I am not asking for a new high-level PvE zone, I am not asking for a more challenging PvP, I am only asking to unlock certain locations which are currently locked in-game in order to peacefully conduct our roleplay there, with fun and good humor.

    This is a translation from that original thread in french : Ouvrir les zones verrouillés post-quête made by Feynn after me in the TESO-RP forum Community. Here the thread : Open "one-used" areas
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  • Rhakon
    Hello Esoteam,

    Will there be some balancing in PvP?
    The classes need some reasonable adjustments since 1.6, and what will be done because of the huge Championspoint-Gap? This makes all competitive efforts doubtful.

    Edited by Rhakon on July 1, 2015 6:09PM
  • DeathsBride
    Soul Shriven
    Hail and Well met,

    My requests are of a purely cosmetic nature:

    1) Costume skins for Vampires. It would be nice if we could get away from the “Cracked Plaster” looks we have while in stage 4 vampirism. The UNDERWORLD kind of Vampire appearance (look). That and I’d like to look more ‘normal’. The eyes can stay though.
    2) Can the “Pack Mule” style bags on the horses be replaced with the more streamlined ones used on the cats, please? Or at least give us the option to hide them (horses only). The bags make the ever so impressive Nightmare Courser look “trashy”. A Lamborghini with a Pinto rare end.

    Thank you for making a fun game worth playing.
  • Grunim
    Is it still in the plans for Vigor to be moved to assault rank 5 and are you making other adjustments to which rank other assault/support line abilities are earned?
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  • Cinbri
    and again: TEMPLARS, anything about Templars. Anything...
  • LaRoseNoire
    1) Finally we get Imperial City, thanks; but how about the duels 1v1?, any MMO needs duels.

    2) Orsinium will gonna be the DLC on consoles and the Imperial City the free content?

    3) The PvP Arenas, how will they be? 3v3v3 like the E3 2014?

    4) The quest line in Orsinium, will be like the official lore? I remember that the second Era Orsinium will be destroyed by a civil war between Orcs.

    5) Any hope yet for official spanish translate?

    Thank you Zeni!!! Great job!
    Amo la caricia de la noche y el susurro del viento sobre mi cuchilla helada.
    J'aime la caresse de la nuit et le frémissemet du vent sur ma dague froide.
    I love the touch of the night and the whisper of the wind on my cold dagger.
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  • Dcaliber
    How will ZOS be helping newly leveled VR1's stay competitive with VR14's in campaigns?(consoles)
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  • Dcaliber
    Also, is it possible to see vampire/werewolf bites in the crownstore? this will greatly help all those being scammed or waiting hours for a spawn and have it be killed instantly.
    "Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination"
    -Mark Twain
  • Furor
    For abilities that now have a stamina morph (Such as Nightblade's Teleport Strike to Ambush) are there any plans to let those morphs also scale from magicka and spell power if they're the higher values?

    I'm currently running Teleport Strike unmorphed because it is the best way to maximize single target damage as a magic Nightblade.

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