Any way to change Weapon Color?

Soul Shriven
Hi I'm playing on the Xbox one, and I just got to level 36 so Im using Dwarven weapons that I've crafted.

There is one small problem, my swords look as if I cut through a sewer pipe, and the diarrhea gold blade left to rust for years, is there anyway I can change the color of the blade? Maybe forge it at a specific hidden crafting station?
  • Reverb
    No way to change the colour of your weapons or shields at this time, sadly.
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  • Ian96
    Soul Shriven
    ah man, what a drag, thanks though
  • TheEmoVampire
  • Ewokninja
    Would be a pretty wicked feature to have, cause as you stated, some just look like you are running around holding a piece of turd!
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  • Rev Rielle
    Rev Rielle
    Oh we wish! And have been asking for it for a while now.
    Hopefully Zenimax will listen to the chorus, hopefully.
  • failkiwib16_ESO
  • thornboosh
    This definitely needs adding, I was hoping to change the colour of my shield to match my armour :(
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  • turbonights
    Yeah, you can change it by enchanting it. I really wish this would be a thing because Daedric weapons look like plastic toys to me for some reason. It doesn't look like a realistic weapon, but a childs toy. I think re-coloring it might actually help that weird look.
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