[Solved] Connection Issues

  • DashMasters
    Soul Shriven
    1.xbox one
    5.when loging in and kicked when changing area in a load screen
    6.have not tried because I dont want to start a new character on a server i dont intend to play on

    Thought this problem was fixed because I could play for 5 days straight with no problems except for the invisible npc and enemies before the latest patch and maintenace, and now its started happening again, yesterday when I got connection error when trying to load another area then eventually game crash to dashboard twice and being unable to load any characters.
  • gmoldmule
    Soul Shriven
    The log-in error 301 is getting old. 2 days now I haven't been able to get in. It doesn't look like you are dealing with this problem based on the number of people having this problem.

    What is the deal????

    makes no difference, been on NA, but EU does same thing
    301 unable to connect to server.
    not been able to log in since first error message.
  • wolveman
    I get this issue a lot of eso online I got that all alliances upgrade ebonheart has very little issues they has some but Daggerfall bloody nightmare lag same as you people getting it.
    It's natural to blame the customer instead of admitting that maybe it's them instead.
    This has and will always be there excuse am on Xbox one s and that's a very new system and I don't have any issues with other games .
    I do know some of those people play on Daggerfall have admitted they use hacks cheats to take the advantage of other alliances maybe that's why they're so hated .
    One guy got his account investigated what I heard he may of lost his account do to making threats to have his people hack into their accounts.
    So anyways back to this topic the problem more on daggerfel what I seen so far I can't even keep logged in long enough the music cuts in and out I can't see my enemies the mobs I logged in and out even a hard boot even contacted my provider and reinstalled the game.
    So something really bad to get that far .
    Nexus had mods for this game as well I noticed I no longer see it listed her I wonder why?
  • DreadKnight
    Dude, the original thread is well over a year old......
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