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Suggestion for a Non-PVP Cyrodiil Instance

  • derkaiserliche
    i would like 2 areas: one for pvp like it is now and 1 with a real story and housing etc

    but you arent missing out anything in cyro in terms of pve, the quest are very very basic (kill some daedra, bring some food to the chest etc.), so it doesnt need another layer.
  • YetAnotherLinuxUser
    the only people who would benefit from a pve cyrodil zone are those with the base game only and who also do not subscribe to eso+ AND who need the skyshards for their crafting skills on new toons. I do not think zos is looking to help them out ay time soon. For literally everyone else, there are so many shards in the game there's no longer any need to go into cyrodil except for pvp.

    so for example, if you got 10 free accounts from epic back in july and made your own guilds andd have 2500 guild bank spaces so you have no need of eso+ and refuse to buy it, you're gonna hafta hit cyrodil in order to get those much needed shards. zos isn't ever gonna give you yet another free pass with a pve cyrodil zone.
  • Wolfkeks
    Necro Thread

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  • LouisaB75
    I have found that when I am questing in Cyro other players from other alliances mostly leave me alone. I do likewise. If someone is in a delve or fishing or at a dolmen I leave them be. Saw an EP player in a delve just last night and they went right past me. Saw another fishing near me when I was working on master angler. The person went into sneak, but when they realised I wasn't going to attack they just fished across from me. Another player snuck around a dolmen hitting the pinions last weekend as they probably thought me and the other player with me might attack them. We didn't.

    Other than getting killed by the same player twice in the same delve I have been left alone. Figured that player was just a jerk and went to do that one another time.

    Questing and PvE in Cyrodiil isn't as daunting as it first appears.

    Imperial City on the other hand I avoid as much as possible since even trying to do a quick daily there is a nightmare.
  • Maitsukas
    Holy necro...
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  • LouisaB75
    Just realised how old the thread is. Yikes that is some necro.
  • dk_dunkirk
    The game devs have commented on this numerous times. To summarize:

    "[snip] and learn to PVP."

    Sigh. It's taken me a couple of years to learn how to PVE, and PVP is an entirely different game.

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  • Four_Fingers
    This thread was created the same year ESO launched on consoles. :D
  • CrazyKitty
    Cynteara wrote: »
    A Non-PvP Cyrodiil instance would be very beneficial to the game.
    • There are many people who dislike PvP very much.
    • Many people have trouble getting experience upon completing "Cadwell's Gold"
    • A Non-PvP instance would allow people to do quests in Cyrodiil without worry of other players killing them on sight.

    There would need to be restrictions on the instance though. A lack of benefits found in the pvp campaigns would be necessary ( a lack of buffs from scrolls, emporership, etc...

    Another way to do it could be to allow the option of entering a low populated campaign and acquiring an effect (liek a buff, talk an npc to get it, step through a gateway, etc...) that would prevent the player from interacting with players lacking the effect, and players not in your alliance (a player in AD could not attack a player from DC, and a player could not heal or buff other players of the same alliance unless they were also under the same effect.)

    This would allow for people to enjoy the PvE aspect of the massive zone of Cyrodiil.

    Please comment your thoughts on it (agree, disagree, etc.)

    Thank you for your time in reading this post.

    [Moderator Note: Edited title per our rules on Petitions and Protests]

    No it wouldn't. We don't need a PvE Cyrodiil any more than we need a PvP version of every PvE zone.

    Oh wow, just realized I posted in a thread from 8 years ago. Holy necro Batman!
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  • wazzz56
    Since we are necroing things from way back...can we necro patch 1.6 while we are at it?
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  • NoticeMeArkay
    As somebody who's done very single quest in order, including Cyrodiiils PvE content, you're in for one hecking underwhelming questing experience for which you'll definetly regret reserving extra resources for.

    Take the easy route: Brew some invisibility potions, figure out that you can always ride towards another settlement to do the PVE content there while the other one is currenty occupied by war, on your ride come to realize that the only interesting quests aren't even settled in towns and villages but hidden out there far far FAR away from any potentially well-populated fighting zone and do it.
  • Tornaad
    I epically suck at pvp.
    When I completed gold, I just took it as a stealth mission where I would pop if I got found.
  • ZOS_Icy

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