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Vanquish (DC/NA) A veteran guild for the “older” no drama and confident gamer!

ANNOUNCEMENT: I have retired from and passed Vanquish off to Duck and Savina, two incredible players and people. I wish them all the best and consider them true friends. ~ Oakos


Recruitment Status: OPEN by website application (be thorough!)
Home Server: NA, PC, DAGGERFALL COVENANT for PvP - All factions for PvE
Guild Type: Casual in nature hardcore in play! We take our fun serious and with a shot of tequila! We are dedicated to our members and one another. Vanquish does not overly focus on any one area, if you consider yourself a hard core end game player, hardcore RP'r or hardcore anything, we may not be the right guild for you. We are an all inclusive guild with no specific requirements centered around content.

Guild Focus: None, we enjoy ALL aspects ESO throws our way!
Age Requirement: 18 years of age or older is recommended but can be reviewed case by case (Average age in guild is 35-55+.)
Voice: Discord (Only required to be able to listen on certain events, usually centered around end game level content.)

About Vanquish:

A guild built from years of experience - we focus on doing more with less with a selfless leadership and members that drive the guild through all the content The Elder Scrolls Online throws our way! Consider us “casually hardcore” with an emphasis on the player behind the keyboard over in game accomplishments.
Focused on bringing our members ESO's content in a mature and friendly environment as we look towards the end game and PvP aspects of ESO. We are a no drama, fun enabling and content driven guild. Vanquish is seeking like minded individuals to share in the adventure that is The Elder Scrolls Online!

Vanquish Facts:
  • Stationed on: NA Server
  • We are a medium sized guild with the intention of doing more with less and quality over quantity. (200-250 active members by design).
  • We utilize Discord as our primary voice coms.
  • While end game, PvP and PvE is our goal, we enjoy all aspects of game play and the road that leads to such. We enjoy light RP and host a wide range of social events within the guild and the ESO community. You can take a look at our calendar here:
  • We cater to an “older” crowd with an age recommendation of 18+. (Our average age is 35-55+.) If you are a younger player and truly feel we are the guild for you, let’s talk in game.
  • While the guild founder resides in the PST time zone, we cater to and support players from all over. We hold events across various times and days of play.
  • Vanquish Core Values:
  • Respect – A respectful guild is a successful guild.
  • Attitude – A good attitude leads to good times.
  • Loyalty – A loyal member leads to guild cohesion.
  • Activity – An active guild is a fun guild.
  • Confidence – A confident member is a drama free member.

Vanquish Members:

You will find the members of Vanquish to be an active and driven group while selflessly helping one another and putting their guild mates ahead of themselves at all times. As a leader within Vanquish, I could not ask for a finer bunch of people to share in the adventure that is ESO. Within our ranks, we have a wide range of people from PhD’s to stay at home moms, from law enforcement and active military to full time students, writers, self-employed individuals, martial artists, chefs, editors and everything in between! In Vanquish you will find more than a gaming guild you will find a community of likeminded people all focused on enabling one another!

Vanquish Leadership:

Vanquish was founded by and is led by Commander Oakos and Executive Officers Tormennt, Colby and Captain Duck. Along with their leadership team of Officers they follow a “guild first” philosophy, forgoing playing entirely for themselves and putting the guild and its members ahead of all else. Helpful, understanding, transparent and confident, the leaders of Vanquish drive the guild ever forward in order to take their membership from where they have been to where they have not!

Vanquish Recruitment Protocol:

Should you feel Vanquish is the right guild for you and in turn you feel right for Vanquish, please visit us at and fill out an application. You can seek one of us out in game, GP mail or forums PM for any questions you may have! Remember, choosing a guild should not be taken lightly. We encourage you to look at all your options and get to know us prior to making any decisions! Please feel free to shoot myself a mail either here or contact us at our site with any questions you may have.
Vanquish’s Code of Conduct can be found at our website under the “Guild Charter, FAQ and Structure” section of our forums. Please take the time to read over these posts.

Thank you for your interest in Vanquish, and regardless of where our paths lead us, we wish you well,

The Vanquish Leadership Team and @Oakos
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  • remilafo

    im interested, 36 here..

    Returning to eso now that it is free..

    can you help my return?

  • megnin
    remilafo wrote: »

    im interested, 36 here..

    Returning to eso now that it is free..

    can you help my return?


    Absolutely. Please visit out web site here:
    Check out our bylaws and forums. If we seem like a good fit, fill out an application and introduce yourself in the "introductions" forum, if you like. If you decide to join us, WELCOME ABOARD!
  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    Thank you Meg! Indeed, many of us have just returned or are just picking the game up - we support and welcome all levels of players and ranks!

    That said, I want to welcome our new members on board as well as all the returning faces! Good times ahead!

  • deathrament
    Hi just returning to the game and wish to reroll, just wondering if u guys are high lvl or low lvl players?
  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    Hi just returning to the game and wish to reroll, just wondering if u guys are high lvl or low lvl players?

    We have a nice mix of returning VR players, rerolled players and ALL new to the game players! We welcome all!
  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    Welcome aboard new folks!
  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    Good to see so many new and old faces! Vanquish has returned! Looking for a solid guild of decent people then by all means, come and apply!
  • megnin
    TigerMonkey! Hit me up in-game for an invite, mate!
  • megnin
    It's good to see so many new member in the "introductions" area of our web site! Welcome aboard!
  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    Vanquish will be hosting a zone clear of PD, bosses and Delves this weekend, come join the fun!
  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    Welcome aboard all new members! Been a great few weeks for Vanquish!
  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    April fools came and went and the guild survived!

    Things continue to pick up for Vanquish as we bring on 8 new members over this last week! As always if you are looking for a place to call home on DC side and feel we might be a fit, please swing by and apply today or seek us out in game to chat!
  • rwelshmub17_ESO
    Just applied on your website


  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    Welcome aboard all new members! Been a great week!
  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    Vanquish grows stronger by the day! If you feel we are a fit then by all means swing by and fill out an application or contact us in game!

  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    A huge welcome to all our new members! Its been a busy few weeks for us as our roster continues to grow and more great people join the ranks! We took our first Keep as a guild last night in RvR and are gearing up for raids as I write this. DSA is in the works now as we progress through this great content. We also have a strong core of lower levels joining the guild and as always we are running guild events to get things done for folks, of all levels!

    If you feel Vanquish may be the right guild for you then by all means, drop in and apply today!



  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    Roll Call! Was great to see both new and old friends!

  • tamedbeast
    Old player (35 yrs old) from launch back to play all the new content, looking to join a trading guilds please send me an invite if possible. Love to play and trade with some older folk.

  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    We have finished our first full DSA clear! 8sxOyNh.png

    We have also moved our site to and ask that all future applicants post at this location! Thanks all and see you in game!
  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    Welcome aboard all new members and all potential ones! We continue to flourish as a guild and invite anyone interested to swing by the site and check us out! Think we are a fit? APPLY TODAY!

    Be well all and safe travels!
  • Wintersage
    Friendly drive-by bumping for some good people.

    Also, found you. Cue evil laughter.
    Dariah wrote:
    From now on, if you want a biscuit, we are going to have some new rules.
  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    RvR on the 15th was a blast with the guild! Sure we died...A LOT...but we do it in style!

    The doors to recruitment are still open, apply today and receive one free foot massage from Vylani!

  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    The doors to recruitment are still open! We invite ya to swing by the site and take a look at what we are all about or simply seek us out in game to chat!

    Take care DC!
  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    Welcome aboard all new members! Come join the fun folks, recruitment is still open and we are always on the look out for like minded individuals to join the ranks!
  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    Working our way through AA! Also, welcome aboard all new members! As a reminder, Vanquish is PC only!

  • cwolfe702b14_ESO
    Great guild.

    Glad I found them awhile back and would recommend anyone who is looking for a mature (using that word litely) group of older gamers.

  • tkdmorgan75b14_ESO
    Thanks Kraz! You will be given a raise in weekly pay!

    All, we are still on the look out for members, need a home on DC? Think you are a fit for Vanquish and us you? SWING BY AND SAY HELLO!
  • Stratti
    What Timezone are you guys active in. I'm keen on finding an oceanic guild but doesn't look like you guys aren't?
  • KraziJoe
    You had me at Older...
    Eel O'Brian
  • boricuaspartan
    Soul Shriven
    Greetings Vanquish! Just wanted to let you all know that I made it back from my vacation safe and sound and I am currently downloading all the patches for ESO. So, once it's done I'll hop on and hopefully get to meet you all online :) Unfortunatly at the rate it's going, it's probably not gonna be done until tomorrow, lol. But either way, I can't wait to meet you all and thanks again for having me :D
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