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How much would you pay for a DLC Arena?

  • The_Doctor_ESO
    I would pay nothing extra - it should be included with my subscription.
  • renton1x1x1
    Gyudan wrote: »

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  • joshisanonymous
    < $5.00
    Zero dollars, because I'd probably quit if they went this route.
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  • Brizz
    > $30.00
    technohic wrote: »
    Draw people in? Seems like it happens every time. Everyone wants it until they find out that their class is not the best for small scale PvP where the balancing issues get magnified. Then it is made worse when they start trying to balance for the smaller scale arena and often winds up with terrible unintended powers in the large group PvP. Next thing you know, people start leaving because of balance issues one way or the other until you are left with a population that will only support small skirmishes.

    Maybe its just from past bad experiences but I seriously do cringe when I see the idea tossed around.
    Zero dollars, because I'd probably quit if they went this route.

    Get out. This isn't a forum of if they should give us the small scale option, it's a forum of how much you would pay if they did.

    You negative nancies ruin EVERYTHING. GO AWAY. NO ONE LIKES YOU.

    You are just here to make sure no one can see the TRUTH = you are BAD at pvp.

    GUESS WHAT?! Everyone already KNOWS you are bad at pvp. CAPS FOR EMPHASISSSSS
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