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Leveling Question

Soul Shriven
I've quit playing ESO when the craglorn came out. I've returned to ESO a few days ago, and I have no idea how to level up? Are'nt there any solo quests I can do? Seems like the only way is grinding some astronachs in craglorn, which does not seem attractive at all. Currently VR11. What can I do to reach VR14? Preferably solo...
  • tinythinker

    If you've done Cadwell's Silver and Gold, then grinding and PvP are your best bets. I play multiple characters and when I took one out of storage at VR12 (which was the highest rank last time that character had been played), I went to VR14 in a little over a week in Cyrodiil.

    If you change your mind about the solo requirement, find questing groups in Crag. They need help getting completions, which involves things like fighting anomalies and clearing delves, so at least you won't be as bored by repetition and lack of conversation.
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  • fromtesonlineb16_ESO
    hlg wrote: »
    What can I do to reach VR14? Preferably solo...
    You can't, once you get to VR10 ESO is a typical 1990s group-or-die game mainly.

  • AlexDougherty
    You can go back, hunt down all the bosses, get all the skyshards, find everything. It will be slow, but you should get some XP for these.

    Or you can try grinding against the creatures in craglorn, at VR13 they will be a challenge, but doable.
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