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Crown Store Item Wish List

  • killed_Persephone
    PC-EU ~|~ CP 540+ ~|~ UserID: 'killed.Persephone' | Gilde: Smile | Passionierte PvE'lerin ohne Battle-Pets
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    • Amee-Lee ~|~ Argonierin ~|~ Drachenritterin ~|~ EP
    • Kíeraniel Grünschatten ~|~ Bosmer ~|~ Hüterin ~|~ AD
    • Eljadhwyn ~|~ Altmer ~|~ Templerin ~|~ AD
    • Shuvani ~|~ Khajiit ~|~ Nachtklinge ~|~ AD
    • S'ijira ~|~ Khajiit ~|~ Nekromantin ~|~ AD
    • Robín Locksley ~|~ Bretonin ~|~ Nachtklinge ~|~ DB
  • Gravord
    MissBizz wrote: »
    a mammoth mount - for Jodes

    Would buy that instant, if they give good color options.
  • emilyhyoyeon
    I have been dying for the release of the female khajiit costumes since they first appeared in the game during the Summerset patch IIRC. All three versions (upper middle and lower class) are on a bunch of NPCs especially now with the Elsweyr zones. please i beg

    example of the lower class one

    one of them even appears in a new loading screen :'(


    not in the showcase this month :/ please I beg...
    i like the elder scrolls
  • Araneae6537
    1) Furnishings that already exist as models in-game: Please see the Tamriel’s Most Wanted thread and wonderful compiled list by @Carbonised

    2) More structural furnishings — we have wonderful open plots to build on in addition to modifying other properties, but very limited options in styles and desperately need basic doors and more.

    3) More hairstyles — again, there are other threads on this, showing hairstyles worn by NPCs but which are unavailable to players.

    4) Rotation of costumes, mounts and pets available for Crowns. It would be lovely if there was more than one or two additional available for a few days each month. Honestly, I’d be glad to see the entire stock rotate regularly, so long as there was always a range of styles and prices.
  • Banana
    Natural skin
    Midyear Mayhem dye stamps
    Class change
  • wishlist14
    A pond with frogs and water lillies and those walking fish would be great.
    Wooden bridges, i love the ones in Black heights , southern Elseryr.
    Fruit trees especially the dragon fruit ones
    Wooden fences for our farms. Low fences so we can fence our crops and animals .
    I love every outfit i have seen npcs wearing in southern elsweyr.

    More mossy walls to build the older buildings in southern Elsweyr.

    Thanks for reading 😊

  • Krainor1974
    A large sea snake pet to go wirh morimer skin when it’s released, soon hopefully
  • Versispellis
    !!! Hey, ZOS, I'm still serious about those giant Percheron style horses, especially in black color, and a revisitation of the Nightmare horse as a big ole honker. :)

    With that out of the way, here are some other things I'd like (either in the game or in the store):

    1. Inanimate target dummies. I want to place one in my house, but I think the skeletons and atronachs are really tacky. A hay bale with a target painted on it, a straw man with a bucket for a head, something that you'd actually see in real life!

    2. Those hist flowers you see in Murkmire as furnishings.

    3. More snow related furnishings. There's only a handful of these, and they can get prohibitively expensive. Options for snow laden trees and rocks are a must, perhaps a snow dusting similar in concept to the vine curtains, and I'd love to see snow berry bushes and poinsettias! Please, the next time you add a snowy region, consider these for the home goods furnisher!

    4. Can we get more costumes sort of like the Queen's Eye Spymaster? Something between common clothes and armor, that people would actually wear while out adventuring in style. That costume, in its modeling and texturing, is the pinnacle of everything a costume should be, to me.

    5. Capelets. Just. Please consider capelets.

    6. Wearable lanterns. Placed on your belt, or on your mount's saddle. Please please PLEASE it can get real dark in Tamriel!!!! Examples of what I'm thinking of: A wonderful Skyrim mod that adds lanterns to saddles, another mod that adds wearable lanterns, and Bloodborne's "hand lantern."

    7. Blackfeather Court banker and merchant. They must be sassy. I will only ever buy a banker or merchant under this very strict condition.

    8. More wolf pets. Just. Keep them coming. Thanks.

    PS4 NA // ♀ ☽
  • Kyuumu
    I wish more hair colors, styles, and lengths along with cosmetics were available!!!

    I was really disappointed with this years Halloween offerings. I had hoped for more streak colors and some scary face paint. Hopefully next year.
  • ThatGeminiBilly
    Soul Shriven
    If they put the craft bag in the crown store, I'd buy that in a heart beat
  • yRaven
    Still looking for the damn Grim Harlequin, that looks like in this year specific you decided not to add because of... of... Don't know really
    Jack of all trades. Master of at least one.
    Àrës - Magicka Dragonknight (EP)
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    Athēna - Magicka Templar (EP)
    Hādēs - Magicka Necromancer (EP)
    Hërmës - Runner Troll (EP)
  • WiseSky
    Weather Control!

    Since it's different for everybody give us the option to control our own ambience !

    Gladly pay lots of crowns for that !

    Weather Control plz and thank you
    I beat the Loot Box System,
    I got an Apex Mount from a Free Drop Crate.
  • Araneae6537
    More costumes purchaseable for Crowns :grimace:
  • Nord_Raseri
    Again(I think), Old Mistvail Manor(or something like it) but in asnowy forest or mountains. With a windmill.
    “Barbarianism is the natural state of mankind. Civilization is unnatural. It is the whim of circumstance. And barbarianism must ultimately triumph”
    ― Robert E. Howard
  • Versispellis
    Again(I think), Old Mistvail Manor(or something like it) but in asnowy forest or mountains. With a windmill.

    Oh my goodness yes a wiiiindmillll so cute
    PS4 NA // ♀ ☽
  • SjornParadox52
    I would love to see some of the other color variants of the bright-throat skin as seen in murkmire <3 green, yellow and purple just to name a few.
  • SjornParadox52
    oh and have body markings be visible on both the dead-water scale and bright-throat scale skins
  • TheImperfect
    A wraithhome styled bed with black sheets and a style that matches wraithhome for people who aren't vampires and just want a comfy bed imbetween necromancy.
  • FlipFlopFrog
    I really want an enchanted flying wizard book pet! ....what do you mean my copy of the lusty argonian maid is following me? ;)
  • Zurixadai
    The Arms Packs, and Other Almost Inspiring Stories

    Here's the short version, very high up on my Crown Store Wishlist: Just sell me the visual effects so I can put them on whatever I want. They'll sell better, everyone will look cooler/more varied, and you can potentially check off a couple other things from a lot of people's wishlists.

    If you're interested in the how or why, here's the longer version. Story time.

    I've personally only ever bought one Arms Pack. I like lightning/electricity, so you can probably guess that I bought the Molag Kena Arms Pack. Do I like it? Sure, it's alright. The weapon models themselves are decent, I don't hate them. I can't dye the little blue bits, which is whatever, but. The selling point is obviously the wicked cool lightning effect, and on that front, it delivers. I slapped those lightning weapons on my Sorc and never looked back.

    But here's the thing: if I could have put the lightning effects on some other weapons, of my choosing, I would instantly put a Molag Kena lightning effect on some Thieves Guild swords. And daggers. And an Apostle shield. Or whatever, is the point.

    And, ultimately, that's what didn't sell any other Arms Packs for me. I'd love to put the Ilambris effect on a Sunspire Battle Axe, or the Troll King effect on a Prophet's Staff, or the Chokethorn effect on an Ashlander shield.

    But I can't, so I passed up all the other Arms Packs.

    So, if nothing else, consider selling basic "Enchantment Effects" in the Crown Store that mimic the visuals of already-existing enchants:

    • I personally dislike when my enchantment effects don't look the same while dual-wielding (such as when I slot Poison Damage and Absorb Stamina glyphs), and I know I'm not the only person who thinks this way. It'd be nice to override that with something else, and I'd happily drop Crowns on that option.
    • Basically every damage build of mine uses a Weapon Damage glyph on backbar; again, it'd be nice to switch those visuals up and put whatever I want there, instead of just 'red glow.' Just like above, I'm willing to throw Crowns at that.
    • All those people that love the idea of Arms Packs, but then hate the weapons decisions? "Arms Packs need more daggers," or, "Why was Velidreth's two-hander a maul? :'( ," and all the rest? Some of those folks could possibly be sated by allowing them to put cool visuals on whatever weapon--if not the Arms Pack visuals specifically, then some other offered visuals.
    • And, lastly, giving people the option to turn those visuals off completely would be great (though I don't want this sold in the Crown Store; this, I should just be able to, like, do). I know a lot of people who don't like the enchantment visuals at all, and I know a few people who love this game despite real-life troubles with eyesight, and they'd love just to turn a lot of the visuals down/off.

    Tall Papa guide your steps!

    Gameplay Wishlist:
    -Winterhold [In all of its still-standing, pre-sunken, "rivaling Solitude" glory!]
    -Frost class/skill line [Wardens count!]
    -Unarmed/monk class/skill line
    -Polearms/spears skill line [Aedric Spear counts, but...]
    -More weapon skill lines in general [Casters should have more than sticks, yeah?]
    -Any love for Night Mother's Gaze [You don't have to revert it, but by Zeht's tears...]

    Housing Wishlist:
    -Structure pieces, by the thousands! Walls, doors, stairs; everything from every racial/architectural style
    -More functional furniture: doors that open/close, portals to travel throughout one home, etc
    -"Lairs" or something similar: another separate, instanced space inside of a home
    -NPC's: guards and bards, all day
    -The Golden Vendor, but able to be placed in homes [Might help with some excess Cyrodiil traffic, maybe?]
    -The Luxury Furnisher, but also able to be placed in homes [... Look, homes are huge and I'm tired of them being empty]
    -Boat houses: a boat for every player race! [Colossal Aldmeri Grotto counts, but...]
    -Boat furnishings in general
    -Respec/redidication shrines
    -Wayshrines [I can just port to a guildmate, I guess, but...]
    -Undaunted pledge billboards/Undaunted NPC's
    -Crafting writ billboards
    -More mount/pet functionality when placed [Anything more than standthere.gif would be nice.]
    -Guild bank/store access
    -Ability to repair gear at home [If traveling merchants in the middle of nowhere can do it, why can't I?]
    -Other, smaller, fun functionality, like farming or mini-games [Hew's Bane-style dice games or Psijic-style checkers?]

    QoL Wishlist:
    -Text search boxes [Praise Tall Papa, thank you.]
    -Item conversion/transmogrification [Outfit stations absolutely count!]
    -Previewer/dressing room [Outfit stations absolutely count!]
    -Instead of Arms Packs (or in addition to them), just sell me the blasted VFX
    -Gear loadouts
    -Skill loadouts
    -Cloaks [I know you said no, but I'm not taking it off my list.]
  • TheImperfect
    It would be nice to have Glyptodons to roam Moon Sugar Meadow and other homes.
  • Pauls
    Snowman costume or polymorph for incoming New Year and related event.
  • thegreatme
    7. Blackfeather Court banker and merchant. They must be sassy. I will only ever buy a banker or merchant under this very strict condition.

    All the Yes.

    Would be cool seeing some Terror Bird mounts. The models already exist in game, just slap some saddles on those! I don't buy for a second there isn't someone in Tamriel crazy enough to breed some domesticated Terror Birds.
    Join my Nocturnal-devoted Mercenary Reach guild!

    Give Bosmer their stealth back you cowards

    Let's See It Happen ZoS: /honorloop emote, cross-legged sitting emote, crow pets, black feather court banker/merchant, terror bird mounts, falconry class
  • mrfrontman
    For the love of God and all that is mighty, please, PLEASE bring back the Shadow Rider Senche Mount and the Dro-M'Athra Senche Mount. My heart has been burning for these for SO long. Also hoping to see the Grand Psijic Villa return to the store.
  • xclassgaming
    Veya hairstyle. Nuff said.
    Add Veyas hair for us players to use!
  • Karius_Imalthar
    By the divines, please add more outfit slots!
  • Karius_Imalthar
    Also please allow the hairstyles, etc to be applied to male avatars too please! Some of these restrictions do not seem to make sense.
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