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So whats next for pts?

1.3? Dye system? New craglorn stuffs?
  • Windshadow_ESO
    good question... they seem to have forgotten about us
  • Curragraigue
    Based on Paul's comments in his recent interview I'm guessing either next Craglorn component, City of Ash veteran dungeon and/or justice system will be coming to PTS next.
    Edited by Curragraigue on June 26, 2014 2:08AM
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  • Wraithen
    me want dark brotherhood
  • Worstluck
    Another new veteran dungeon, dyes and guild stuff coming next patch. Probably wont be able to test dyes, as they are tied to achievements and the PTR templates have none.
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  • GTech_1
    And that's when we do a /feedback and say: Do not tie dyes to the achievements, instead, tie them to quests / crafting etc.
    There are Many other options to be had. The achievement connection sounds like a very bad idea, and I'm not sure if it would be well received by the player base.
  • Windshadow_ESO
    And of course many of us are still lobbying for far better templates and a larger number of choices in them... Not that the comments here seem to have any effect
  • Theegoliath
    I wouldnt expect rthe justice system to be pushed in the next two, maybe even 3 updates myself : / but paul in a article did say that they would push the justice system out before the dark brotherhood was released, so they could get the player base used to the system first.

    A new mount would be nice : P and a suprize as well.
    Edited by Theegoliath on June 26, 2014 1:32PM
  • TheFalcon19
    Well this is the schedule I could come up with by reading the road ahead posts and various dev comments:

    -july update: armor dyes

    Mentioned but the order and content of the updates is not really confirmed so it's just speculation:
    -july update: new veteran dungeon, new campaigns, guild update
    -august update: Upper Craglorn and the 3rd trial (i assume v14 comes with this update)
    -september update: justice system (maybe TG and DB comes with this)
    -october update: Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood
  • lancepro
    Don't forget horse racing. It will need to be tested.
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  • Theegoliath
    My horse is ready to go already >: D
    75% speed boost is nice in cyrodiil!
  • pinstripesc
    DyyyyyeeEEeeeeesss.. <3

    The guild tabard or whichever idea sounds cool too.
  • Auldjohn
    (*) Guild Heraldry (*) would be great and gets my vote! I formed a guild on PTS just to test forthcoming guild features.

    FYI: My PTS Guild is TESG-VR formed in EP VR5 Fungal Grotto. Request an invite from @Auldjohn.
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