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[IDEA] World encounter - Provisioning

People collect inane amounts of recipes for food and drink, yet the recipes below CP 150 are rarely used.

How about a world encounter where the Player has to:

(for food) feed a hungry pilgrim, feed a fleeing family, supply a party for the newly weds, deliver food rations for the army, etc.
(for drink) slake the thirst of a wanderer, get alcohol for a party, a casual request from a rude NPC, etc.

Let the player have a choice from the common recipes used in daily Provisioning writs and two other recipes not used in writs, one of them being blue.

If the player does not know the recipe, he / she can provide the ingredients for half the gold. Some of us collect ingredients and... that's that. They are used but only for daily writs or master writs.

Now, as for the gold, let it be Recipe Improvement level-dependent:

Recipe Improvement VI: high reward
Recipe Improvement V-IV: average reward
Recipe Improvement III-II: low reward
Recipe Improvement I: very low reward

Table as to how much gold - here.
  • cynicalbutterfly
    I don't know about this but I would like to see more variety in writ requests. Maybe even a daily quest that we can do that uses those recipes that are just laying around unused. At this point I just feel like recipe book collector tbh.
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  • rauyran
    It's a pity that all the lower level foods (and crafting materials) are so underused. Part of that is caused by the rapid leveling this game has from 1-50 and the way alts skip the CP leveling. That makes the game more fun to play but leaves all these recipes feeling pointless.

    I too would like to see them used in writs. That would sometimes make writs feel like a challenge not a chore since you'd have to hunt down the recipe.

  • Drammanoth
    rauyran wrote: »
    That would sometimes make writs feel like a challenge not a chore since you'd have to hunt down the recipe.
    A crafting challenge - as tiny or as big as it is, but a challenge NONETHELESS. How about that, ZOS?
  • everseeing_njpreub18_ESO
    I like the idea of variety, and as a world encounter sort of quest i think the original post could be interesting, run across some woman who needs food for an orphanage, get quest, go bake 25 cookies or something. I agree i have certain provisioning items i just unintentionally horde and have stacks of thousands, some use for them just adds some tiny new feature into a great game.
  • Williuss
    I was just thinking about why I am still collecting these low level recipes anyway lol...occasionally I will check my guild's bank for any recipes I don't have (I leave a deposit don't worry lol) just for the sake that I am able to know those green and blue recipes. Eventually the goal is to know all current food and drink recipes. I'm also working on getting all green furnishing recipes too but that will obviously take much much longer.
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