Provisioning Question

I plan to max out my provisioning in the future.

Are there specific ingredients I should be saving up now? Right now, I pretty much just vendor them all due to how many different types there are and their overabundance.

  • Anastasia
    Hi Faustes -- do a search here on the forums, lots of good tips about Provisioning. I love reading stuff at the fansite "Tamriel Foundry" as well. I think it was there that someone explained you could just save up all the recipes'/memorize them til you get to about level 15 and THEN start gathering ingredients in that area and start doing your lvl 15 recipes to level up. They said it wasn't really necessary to save up all those low level ingredients and clutter up your bank etc...just do the ones from Level 15ish and up.

    Good luck and good journeys!
  • Sendarya
    Ingredients to save from day one:
    Red wheat

    All of these can be found starting in low level zones or from your hirelings, but are used in all blue and purple foods from lvl 10 to lvl v5.

    There are also drink rarest to save, such as jazbay grapes and saaz hops, but I have found people are no longer using drinks at all by lvl 50, so I stopped saving these.
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