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Staying on Target - How to Keep My Attacks from Jumping?

Level 10 sorceror, using resto staff, silver bolt and endless fury (really hoping that gets un-nerfed). Fighting the plagued peasants outside of Tanzelwil. I start out with silver bolt and can get 3 off with my current stamina. At that point the peasant is almost down and I let loose with endless fury. Which jumps to the closest mob rather than the one that is almost down. So I end up with two attacking me close up. And of course my clanfear runs to attack the one closer to me as it is the one hitting me first.

I would much rather finish taking out the one with almost no hit points left. Than start hitting the one with full health. Is there some setting to prevent my attack from jumping to the one closer to me?
  • Liquid_Time
    I believe that "tab target" allow you to focus on a single target. I may be wrong, so feel free to correct me... Anyways focus on a target and hit your "Tab" key and give that a shot.
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  • Lazarus_Long
    Using SB as a finishing move instead of an opener may help. With two other mobs and a pet the knockdown makes it harder to keep LoS. Try to circle your target of choice to keep it centered. Block the power attacks from the other two mobs to stun them instead of soaking their damage and healing. If they still get out of hand use SB for crowd control. I am guessing you have two heals on your bar? You may want to remove one for another fast attack spell.

    I hope that helps and if you have more questions please ask.
    Edited by Lazarus_Long on May 27, 2014 10:02PM
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