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Error 326 Character Locked

Soul Shriven
Everything was fine about an hour previously. I was trying to go from Cold Harbour to Malabal Tor through the Way Shrines and the game got stuck on the loading screen. I had to force quit the program and now I am unable to log back in. My other characters have no problem. I have been searching here and on the net and have not been able to find a definitive answer to this. Some people seem to think it is an character ban but I have not done anything to warrant one.

ESO is nothing but one problem after another, I am really getting tired of the amount of effort it takes just to play the game.
  • Moonraker
    Probably better to post to the Customer Support section as its not really a Mac issue and they probably wont see it here.

    Does sound like the character was banned for some reason maybe name as in this thread. Only way is going to be to make a ticket with Support to get it sorted.
  • Tightywhites
    Soul Shriven
    Just an update. After 24 hours I got a response from the customer support saying they had fixed the issue. No explanations of what happened and now I can log into my account again. A short while ago I had an email informing me my account has been suspended and will be permanently banned unless I appeal within 72 hours. However I can still login to my character, confused? I am.
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