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I was actually enjoying the event!

Legitimately having fun. I think maybe a lot of us are, and probably aren't saying anything because

1. Satisfied people generally don't; people generally speak up to complain more than praise in any situation.

2. DO NOT want to seem like we're flexing on those who want the style pages. I can sympathize; there are definitely other horrible-RNG items in game that I want (but mostly try to ignore the existence of, to not be miserable or broke).

But the game is down for PC NA since Ithelia broke loose and I have nothing better to do... so this is a positivity post. Things I've enjoyed:
  • Since there's no cool down on boxes + tons of options to get them this year (THANK YOU!) I've been doing a couple of fun-to-me grinds (not writs) to get hundreds of boxes per day.
  • From those, I'm mostly saving mats so that furniture crafting is less stressful later.
  • And buying more "on sale" - love a good deal.
  • Thanks to U41 and this event coinciding with a crown sale, I was able to trade smartly and trade my gold for a couple of houses I've been wanting for years! Yay!
  • Got a motif I'd been wanting for a long time, that's normally prohibitively expensive.
  • Saving my big drops to sell later, so I can get more wishlist items.
  • Certain "grinds" are fun during events because they become even more popular than normal, so they're even faster, more exciting and lucrative. I just love riding with a river of shiny ponies, to defeat a big enemy together and get great loot! Zone chat can get pretty funny.
  • Joining up with friends and guildmates for the above, chatting and celebrating our best drops. (I've gotten Aetherial dust, Aetherial Cipher, stacks of Nirncrux, Perfect Roe, Rheum, and more - awesome!)

Again, totally get it if none of this appeals to the player who already "has everything" or only want the style pages. Maybe I'm in a minority. Or maybe there are others who are newer and don't know how to make the most of this event, beyond the horrible grind they see everyone talking about.

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  • HowlKimchi
    You're not alone. The economy aspect of this event is really fun for me as well.
    previously @HaruKamui but I outgrew my weeb phase (probably)

    PC/NA - EP - Howl Bragi/Howl Kimchi
  • barney2525

    I'll be the first to admit I have had good luck. I got stuff I did not even know I was looking for.

    Got the sword recipe fishing in Artaeum while grinding antiquities using insects and no fishing enhancements
    also got the broth recipe and pickled fish bowl recipe and master angler
    Since it's a new character, and we get 100% added XP, decided to run dolmens
    Got the staff recipe between 21 - 24
    have been pushing and got to 50/ 136 when it hic-upped
    Stopped previous night needed only Molag Bal's son to have all generals
    First dolmen today - Molag Bal's son

    I have no complaints

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  • Soraka
    I enjoy it. Just kinda disappointed in the select grind fomo.
  • Nerouyn

    Returning after a very long time, I'm enjoying Arcanists and the other class changes.

    This particular event? The usual. Filling in a lot of motif blanks.
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