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something about dungeon queues

Ever bored of waiting in the never ending dungeon queues, well, I think I have some solutions to this problem...
Behind this pole: when queueing for dungeons that are DLC or veteran difficulty sometimes even normal I will get bored of waiting in a long queue of 10 minutes or more. I should be spending that time doing super fun and awesome dungeons already..

A Red Have dungeon queues like how Guild Wars 2 has them set up that there are no specific roles required to queue as. There are no roles and the dungeon can still be completed when the group is all dps, all tanks, all healers, mixed skill sets, mix specs, basically the group is completely random.

B purple Have the autofill option like of League of Legends that after a certain amount of time (after 5 minutes for example of being in queue) It will place player as a random role that isnt popular (such as tank or healer) and the skill lines will automatically be adjusted.

c Blue Create two new queue-able dungeon options for Normal Difficulty DLC Dungeons and for Veteran DLC Dungeons. Hmmm...

D Yellow What other suggestions?

something about dungeon queues 8 votes

IshtarknowswilykcatBraffin 3 votes
N3CR01LunaFlora 2 votes
chessalavakia_ESOBlood_againSoarora 3 votes
  • Braffin
    Made quite positive experiences with this in swtor.

    In eso you wouldn't even have to adjust most dungeons, as the necessary skills are already available for each character.

    And hey, at least no more "fake roles" :smile:
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  • Soarora
    Fix the queue. Trust me, part of the problem might be the role differences but there's something up with autofilling groups not working properly, along with queueing not working properly either (why tank + dps, dps queue instant but tank + dps, tank queue long???).
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  • chessalavakia_ESO
    I'd suggest working on enhancing the NPC AI so that they can do the roles in dungeons and then use AI to fill in when the queue takes too long provided the players are willing to be put with AI.

    For example, I do dungeons with Mirri a fair amount and much of the time Mirri can handle the role but, you hit certain situations where she abruptly and totally fails.

    You would likely want to gradually release it by starting with the dungeons that have less mechanical issues and then gradually expand once you are sure the NPC AI can handle it. (If the npc ai does bad in Fungal Grotto it's not the end of the world but, being down a player could be quite disruptive in other content.)
  • FeedbackOnly
    It's the matchmaking

    People with high cp are likely to be pair first with similar cp. Never had any cp is likely to be with similar people

    Then the game focuses to much on dps. Everything is better with more dps. It's a long standing problem that has discouraged the growth of tank, and healer roles.

    To answer the question the best way is unfortunately let dps fill in for tank roles in easier dungeon. ..

    The morally right way is to encourage not just dps but other roles in development of content
  • LunaFlora
    you cant complete all dungeons without a tank or healer.
    and uh why are the colours mixed up? i voted for c but im confused, was that the third option called blue or was it the fourth option as c is coloured yellow??
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  • Blood_again
    ESO already has tons of different activities you can do while being queued.

    If you meet a long queue in a popular place like pledge, bis set or mask style dungeon, it is probably a bug. It should be fixed instead of spending development time on "play this minigame while you're wasting your time in bugged queue".

    If you were stacked in a queue for not very popular dungeon, it is sometimes better to pickup people in zone first. So random dungeoneers would fill one slot in your group instead of 3.
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