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Zenithar event drops gutted

Eliza Godhater
Eliza Godhater
I was really very disappointed in the news about cutting back on drops from the Zenithar Event. What exactly is the the reason for that?
Many, many players have extra toons, for which we have BOUGHT character slots, and taken the time to level exactly for these types of events.
  • karthrag_inak
    Even less reason for khajiit to stay logged in. Thanks ZOS! This one's 18 7-prof master crafters will save their resources.

    Perhaps it is choices like this that are the strategy behind the lag improvements?
  • VoodooPlatypus
    This is very disappointing. Time to start selling stockpiled master writs I guess.
  • wenchmore420b14_ESO
    Well, I see it as another way that ZoS is showing us they want to limit the playabiliy of alts.
    I parked all my alts, including a brand new toon that I had whole story line built around, when AwA came out.
    I only use them for events that reward crafting and the such, but I guess this is another event I will skip on my alts.
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  • BahometZ
    Very disappointing, I wonder if there was some aspect that was being exploited by some players, because I don't see why zos would willingly squash enthusiasm for an event. These events are the lifeblood of guilds and community spirit. The game desperately needs more engagement not less.
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  • Lucinator
    Soul Shriven
    They better reverse this, this was one of the most talked about upcoming events in my guilds in recent memory, when I mentioned this update there was a lot of bummed people.
  • Katheriah
    Lol. I have 18 master crafters (+2 on the way), but nevermind I guess. Thanks ZOS.
  • NoxiousBlight
    Yup. We complained ad nauseum about it on the PTS. They ruined the event.

    I don't understand why ZOS hates players having fun. Between this and them ruining endeavors on the PTS they are really trying to turn ESO into mobile game simulator whose only purpose is to sell crown crates.

    I loved the ZOZ event. Now it is a shell of it's former one-year of glory.
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