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Nothing lootable in a second dungeon right after doing a different dungeon

So a few times we have run dungeons consecutively and I have found that after looting most everything in the first dungeon, nothing is lootable for me in the second dungeon. Is this just my imagination .. or is there some timeout I am unaware of?
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  • Nestor
    There is a Boss Timer that can affect drops. You should get normal mob loot though. If the timer is in place, it is about 5 minutes.

    I know i have done back to back group dungeons in the past and have gotten loot. I would not characterize those as speed runs.

    You could try disbanding and reforming the group.

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  • Soarora
    Urns and crates and such tend to do that, it’s like that everywhere.
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  • SeaGtGruff
    I have soloed two dungeons back-to-back a few times this week for the weekly endeavor, and there were plenty of lootable containers in both dungeons. Of course, since I was soloing both dungeons, and I like to take my time to kill every mob and boss and loot every lootable container, plus my DPS is middling-to-below-middling, I probably don't run as much of a risk of running afoul of a cooldown period.
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  • ZOS_Icy

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  • Necrotech_Master
    depending on what your doing

    group dungeons have no cooldown on loot, you just have to reset the instance

    overland/delves/public dungeons boss loot has a 3 min cooldown, if you kill a boss within this timer then you only receive normal mob loot (likely just gold or a common weapon, but no set gear)
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