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Animation durations are too tick.

Could you make those animations cancellable please? For example, when you play a card-drawing card, you should be able to click on the card and not wait for the whole animation to complete. It's very annoying when you wait for 5-10 combos of crow cards' animations to complete. Also, it's annoying to wait for the opponent's cards coming to his/her hands animation to complete. And there are others, but no need to write 1 by 1. It would be great to cancel all those animations by clicking an empty space or clicking on decks or clicking on some card.
Best regards :)
  • NeKryXe
    Yeah! That's badly designed. But it's weird, because they already did it well years ago on Elder Scrolls Legends, there you can click and even play during an animation of a previous card. It's all very fast and responsive. They should take a look on that.
  • Necrotech_Master
    i definitely agree about the opponent drawing cards, there are no "instant use" cards in this game, so the opponent drawing their hand after a deck shuffle during your turn should not "pause" you performing any combos

    its very annoying say when i play a pounce and profit and then another rahjin card and then have to wait an extra 2-3 sec for the opponent to finish drawing their cards so it can "process" the combo (even if there are no enemy agents to use the combo against lol)
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  • HalfDragoness
    On the one hand, I agree, but on the other hand I disagreee because the slow annimations are the closest thing to a penalty for using the infitine crow stategy. To be honest I think that every time you draw a crow freom your own hand the animation should slow down.
    I should just say I'm talking about just in top competative play, not casual games or games where people are learning how to play.
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