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Hello!! I'm looking to see what gear in the areas of Northern + Southern Elsweyr are worth keeping? selling? Ever since the sticker book basically destroying the majority of the overland gear market I have stopped following information on sets that others are currently using or what sets might get used for certain reasons i.e. Darloc Brae for Pickpocketing/Thieving set/build. In case the overland sets I each zone might not be known by heart i listed them bellow, thank you for any help you can give me, I play on Xbox so i know the markets between platforms are VERY different. Thankyou everyone who replies, happy farming during The Season of The Dragon!!!

-Crafty Alfiq
-Vesture of Darloc Brae
-Call of the Undertaker
-Senche-raht's Grit
-Vastarie's Tutelage
-Coldharbour's Favorite
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  • fleetingyouth_ESO
    I still sell just as much gear on the trader as I did before the stickerbook. I made several million gold last week alone on gear and sold a golded-out weapon for almost a million alone.

    Gold is in abundance in the game and is much easier to get than stones. So lots of players still buy gear rather than rebuild from their book especially if it's an entire set.

    As for what was worth selling before the event I'd say only Darloc Brae and Crafty Alfiq. Maybe a piece or two from other sets if it had the right trait but I don't remember seeing anything of value.
  • Lumenn
    In my experience I would have said you're gonna make more off the furniture plans/recipes than the gear unless it's the right trait. Guilds tend to share a lot of their extras, but there are several who aren't in one.
  • joergino
    Darloc Brae is good for equipping a character to do Thieves Guild / Dark Brotherhood stuff. I suspect prices even for useful items will hit rock bottom during the event, so I'm not even checking if they're worse anything and deconstruct everything.

    The crafted gear sets you listed are things I only deal with for crafting writs, no idea if any of them is worth selling.
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Tenthirty2 wrote: »
    Not sure about XB pricing but this is what I have found on PC\NA.
    Right now, likely prices on all of it will drop due to the market being glutted from the event, so you may want to consider hanging on to the better pieces for later.

    Second this. Don’t bother trying to sell anything from the event for at least a few months.
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  • jaws343
    Overland gear is already so easy to get and people who are likely to spend gold on it have already likely filled out their stickerbook and can just reconstruct a piece at will. Events like this flood players with gear as well to the point of making it more likely you are wasting a trader slot. That being said, the only pieces I try to sell are Alfiq purple jewelry. I may throw a few Alfiq impen body pieces in if I have a slot, but those are usually the first I will pull. And there are enough motif drops that I probably will list almost no gear through the event. Even so, Alfiq isn't as much of a desired set as it was a few years ago.
  • freespirit
    Whilst ESO+ free trial is on decon it and sell the mats, everyone wants mats, the gear will be too common.

    I deconned several 100 items yesterday collected just from the part of day the event ran! With double drops everywhere there will be tons around for months! 😀
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  • Amethyst_Unearthed
    Thank you everyone, you are all very helpful as always. I find of all platforms this community is the most helpful and mature, and for that i appreciate you all.
  • I_killed_Vivec
    I sell all the vendor trash (white and generic green) and deconstruct the rest - that way I get the trait stones, which can be valuable.

    One thing to watch out for is the value of jewellery versus the value of the grains you can get from deconstructing them. In particular purple items, only a few very specific items are worth more than a purple grain.
  • ZOS_Icy

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  • El_Borracho
    Crafty Alfiq is a popular set in PVP. The jewelry sells for a decent price (5-10K gold on average). But that was before the event.
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