Duplicate Twitch Drops

Soul Shriven
I felt Honour bound, to report, that I accidentally got the same, one of, Twitch Drops twice.
On Wednesday the 25th January 2023, I got both Twitch Drops during the Bethesda (Zenimax) stream.
And on Friday the 27th January 2023 I got the same two drops again, even though I shouldn't have gotten them again.

On both days, I got the "Ritual Casting Emote" and the "Ouroboros Crown Crate", both where supposed to be one of drops.
It kind of feels a bit like an accidental exploit and that doesn't seem fair towards ZOS.
Because these two Twitch Drops on Friday the 27th of January, were obviously given to me in error and I only realised seconds after claiming the duplicate drops, that an error had occurred, please feel free to revoke (remove) the two duplicate Drops from the 27th January 2023, who's Codes I have given above ,from my account, after all, fair is fair, I should never have been given the same Twitch Drops twice.
Also The Original Twitch Drops (on Wednesday 25 January 2023) for the exact same 2 items as mentioned above, have different Codes on the receipts from the Drops on Friday 27th January 2023 (today).
I just thought it was worth mentioning, so ZOS can rectify the accidental double drops. I will leave my Ouroboros Crown Crates unopened for now, so ZOS can take the duplicate back if they wish.
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