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Old Dungeon Remaster

  • ZOS_Icy

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  • Kappachi
    Yes make it happen! I would love to run the older dungeons again, actually feel the challenge the way it supposed to be and have fun!
    They should be remastered, a lot of people I know that try the game get bored because the early game combat and dungeons are uninteresting to them and just a breeze to get through. Players shouldn't have to pay for DLC to get a challenge in the base game, there should be challenging content available such as the instanced dungeons that make them think and use everything they've learned up to that point.
  • LittlePinkDot
    Eliran wrote: »
    I think all the old dungeons should be remastered .. (Yes even FG1)

    The remastered version/new difficulty will intreduce modern stats/achievements and make them as hard as they once where.

    I find some of them to have really fun mechanics and dynamics but today its being 100% useless because everything just die and out dated, its just sad to see them gone like this.

    Its relatively cheap to remastered them and can be a really nice additional content to the community and bring lot's more challenge to the dying content which became a chore rather than fun.

    What's your opinion on the matter?

    I hate dungeons. I only want the monster helmets.
    Here's the deal... If you can get ZoS to have all monster helmet sets in the Golden Vendor all the time, then they can up the difficulty of the dungeons and I won't care.
    They're nothing but a nuisance.
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