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Today's patch block bug roll back

Correct me if I'm wrong. The way I understand today's patch.
They create a block bug with an update. Then they come with a fix that creates another/new block bug .
Today's patch rolls back the fix , so we're back to the state of the game with the inintial block bug they created with the first update.
Am I missing something or have they complety lost it , and have no clue what to do or whats going on ?
Edited by ZOS_Bill on January 19, 2023 1:57PM
  • tomofhyrule

    There was a bug with blocking that was caused by fixing a bug with heavy attacks. That was the first one. The last bug addressed that by rolling back the heavy attack fix, but that only exposed another bug with barswaps that was hiding, and it was pretty bad because it couldn't be cleared. The latest bugfix reverted that, leaving us back in the state we had before U36.

    The current block bug (again, it's a barswap bug, which is why it's been hard to fix since people have been looking for block issues) was always in the game. Nobody noticed it before since it's a very inconsequential bug since it's difficult to cause unless you're specifically trying to cause it, and the sequence of events to make it hit is very unlikely to happen in normal gameplay. The only reason people are able to do it so much now is that people know how to trigger it. Also it clears on barswap, so in real combat, if you did trigger it, it's likely to be cleared before you even notice it's affecting you.

    See the latest explanation from the bug thread:
    code65536 wrote: »
    We raided for 2 hours today and nobody complained about block issues.

    The repro that people are talking about today is a bit contrived--you generally don't sheathe your weapons in combat, and as people often cast skills to prebuff before combat, people generally don't start combat by light-attacking to unsheathe.

    It's a scenario that I imagine most people will never run into in actual gameplay. And the only reason we're seeing it is because it was being used to reliably replicate the more serious form of the bug that is indeed gone after today.

    It's fine. Try it in actual gameplay rather than a contrived set of repro steps; the bug that existed before today was legitimately bad since it could happen in actual combat from just bar swapping. The issue people are talking about today is nothing like that.

  • Dr_Con

    I posted this topic, people have strong opinions about how the game should have no bugs. After doing vCR and vSS yesterday without encountering this bug while encountering block bug several times per trial over the last 2 months, I fully agree with tom on this one. The impact of the current block bug after yesterday's update is minimal.

    If they never touch block again, and leave it like this, I would be happy.
  • ZOS_Bill
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