Official Discussion Thread, "Beauty Blossoms As A New Morphing Event Collectible Arrives In 2023!"


This is the official discussion thread for, "Beauty Blossoms As A New Morphing Event Collectible Arrives In 2023!"

"Marvel at this year’s morphing collectible, the Passion Dancer Blossom pet!"
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  • Lumsdenml
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  • opaj
    A new personality will always have me showing up for events. Just in case you're wondering, ZOS. ;P
  • alternatelder
    Lumsdenml wrote: »

    But a bard personality was already released last year, wouldn't that have been a hint if there was a bard class coming, if that's what you're talking about?
  • SirLeeMinion
    Well... that's not encouraging.
  • Soarora
    Aisleyne wrote: »
    Aww...I'm disappointed by the walk. I was hoping we'd finally get a feminine personality that was less over the top than the duchess.

    Yeah, it fills a niche that already exists. I also noticed the idle animation had a clipping problem on the character I used on PTS (their hands went into their stomach), I hope that was fixed but I guess will maybe find out.
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  • Elsonso
    Once again, they don't tell us the end game. The 4Q transformation is usually the important one that lets people know if it is worth the time and effort to invest in this thing. The floating flower and another over-the-top acting for a personality are not encouraging, though.

    Edit: I wonder what color Power Ranger we will get in 3Q. My guess is green.
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  • SpiritKitten
    Cireous wrote: »
    I'm going to plant that nirnroot, I mean pet, in my garden :relieved:

    I always look at pets from a housing perspective.
  • opaj
    In 2021, didn’t some players complain about the Deadlands Firewalker personality, that it didn’t loop the doom emote on idle or something? Now I love the Deadlands Firewalker personality for NOT being over-the-top and having an in-your-face idle (the assassin dagger flipping could be cool if it wasn’t sooo frequent and immediate IMO).

    It would really be awesome if there was some adjustment/customization available in personalities, even a slider from “subtle” to “caricature” or something! Otherwise, I just have to hope we get more personalities like Brassy Assassin, Deadlands Firewalker, and Tevinter Magister in the future!

    I loved the Deadlands Firewalker personality because it was subtle. I love this personality because it's over the top. I like a variety when it comes to personalities. (Totally agree about the assassin dagger flip, though!)

    But yeah, I would love to be able to adjust the intensity of each personality, or even mix-and-match elements of the personalities you own.
  • NeKryXe
    Lumsdenml wrote: »

    Please, no! :neutral:
  • Dojohoda
    Dibella? Ugh :/
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  • FlopsyPrince
    Meh. Blech! (The "pet")
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  • Syldras
    Cireous wrote: »
    I'm going to plant that nirnroot, I mean pet, in my garden :relieved:

    It will float around though, I think? In case I'm doing the event quests anyway (this year's rewards aren't really an incentive), I'll probably put it in a terrarium or something like that, as a magical curiosity. The personality, on the other hand...
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