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Please add a reward for those clearing a dungeon

In my opinion the super speed running of dungeons is out of hand and unfun. I understand some only want to get their keys, daily random and set collection done, but for others it is unfun. Call me oldscool, but i like to play my class and do dungeons.

There should be a significant reward if a group is properly clearing a dungeon. It still will be fast but no skipping of huge parts of the zone or even dying to adds 1 out of 3 runs
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  • Brrrofski
    I mean, you can group up with like-minded people and do that?
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  • Gabriel_H
    I love a good speed run. I'm also polite enough to ask if that's what people want, or if anyone is chasing content/achievements.
  • kyatos_binarini
    Solo dungeon mode was proposed many times and I think that would be really good feature
  • Hapexamendios
    The only ways to get what you want is to either group with like minded people or go it alone. I prefer the later myself.
  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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