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Is your guild seeking a few more adventurers to join your ranks? Give us your best recruitment pitch – we'll share some of our favorites in a future Taverns And Tales article!
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  • TootieTazzy
    Hillier11 wrote: »
    Please enhance guild features moving forward. I don’t think there have been any changes made since release.

    I second this. Thanks.
  • Eclipse318
    This is our actual recruitment message right now -- it usually gets a lot of attention. :D

    Looking for a normal guild? Well keep looking, cuz we're a bunch of weirdos! |H1:guild:840633|hEclectic Mayhem|h has lots of tipsy shenanigans and a trader in Marbruk. Pot farming, naked fishing, standing around in carts... raunchy fun is our middle name!
  • Eris21
    PC-EU Song of Sun and Moon

    We are a cozy LGBT friendly social guild looking for chill players to join our community. We are welcoming to all types of players, from complete beginner to veteran.

    There will never be any imposed fees or required time played, and taking breaks from the game is also allowed. For us, it is the social aspect of MMO's that matters most, and your worth will never be decided by your performance in the game.

    We do weekly trial runs where everyone is allowed to join regardless of experience as a way to help newer players get used to larger group content.

    We also gladly help you out with any other pve group content or even pvp depending on your alliance :)

    This guild is aimed to be a small inclusive community so we can actually get to know each other :) We especially strive to make each member feel fully comfortable about just being themselves.

    We try to have a guild trader as often as possible.

    Our guild also has an active discord which you can check out here:

    contact: @Eris221 in game
  • Eclipse318
    Wait, did you want the short pitch that goes into zone chat, or the full monty that's in the guild description?
  • NovaDrakkon
    Edited to remove the spoiler tag and just include the full message. :)

    AETHER REALM - PC/NA Housing Guild

    Love ESO Housing or interested in getting started with it? Come join us! Aether Realm is an established, but relatively small, guild looking to expand our membership base! We were previously a multi-focus guild but have since moved toward being a housing-focused guild and we'd love more Housers to grow with us! We are a friendly group of adult players who enjoy all aspects of the game. In addition to Housing events, we host Special Events (themed, seasonal, etc) and other contests throughout the year!

    Both newer and veteran players are welcome and we strive to provide a safe and fun environment for people to play at whatever stage they are at! If you're looking for a chill place to hang out and have a variety of fun, come give us a try!

    • Regular housing contests, fun events, and tours!
    • Special Guild Festivals/Events
    • Raffles, Giveaways & Auctions
    • Costume & Screenie Contests
    • "Trader Week" (occasional trader)
    • Housing Features (for members & home types)
    • Workshops to learn new things!
    • + more!

    Fully equipped with all available amenities, including: all Set Crafting Stations, all Mundus Stones, Target Dummies, Aetherial Well, Vampiric Libations, Assistants, Lux Display ea weekend, & more!

    Our #1 rule is to be kind and considerate! We do not tolerate any harassment, bullying, hatred, discrimination, offensive language, etc.

    If you are interested in more info or would like an invite, you can reach out to @NovaDrakkon in-game. You can also join our Discord or find us in-game! If you Apply in-game, please let us know why you wish to join the guild or something about yourself as we generally decline blank applications!

    To Apply In-Game: Put |H1:guild:706249|hAether Realm|h in your chat window for our Guild Listing (you can whisper yourself to access the link privately).
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    PC-NA | Housing Enthusiast & Collector
    GM of Aether Realm (PC-NA Housing Guild)
  • ZOS_Kevin
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    Eclipse318 wrote: »
    Wait, did you want the short pitch that goes into zone chat, or the full monty that's in the guild description?

    Full monty, please and thank you!
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  • Tendrielle
    Well, trading guilds always have to state the requirements and such. But hey, as this is a free commercial, let's go!

    NORTH WATCH ORDER - PC/EU Trading Guild

    We are a friendly and independent trading order open for free traders from any alliance. Every guild also belongs to an alliance, however, and here we are Pact. We have weekly events like lotteries or contests to add to your ingame fun! Our beautiful guild house has all you can think of. Discord is provided.

    We have a guild trader somewhere in the lucrative North, usually Vivec, and ask you to sell for 150k+. Alternatively, you can donate a 15k weekly fee for our trader. When you are accepted, your first quest is to donate within 3 days. If you are a fantastic seller, you could also just kickstart selling, but you only have 3 days to advance to Trader status. We reward donations and high sales with higher ranks. Those who want a lifetime membership without worrying about sales & donations can go for the Consul rank. If you want, you can even Sponsor us to the next trading level. Then there is the mythic Magnate receiving taxback every week! Rumours have it that as Divine you can have your own holiday...

    Please say hello, if you want in, so we know you have read this. Your expected sales may help as well. Be welcome! :-) You need to have a Lvl 50 CP250+ char to join - be on that char or write you have one, plz.
    If your friend is already in guild: tell us the @accountname.

    We are international and use English as guild language. Your English doesn't need to be perfect, though. Just be friendly! We care. :-)
  • Soraka
    Pact Wall Inspection

    Join my guild so I can make a tabard, thanks.

    Casual. I want a tabard. Join if you want.
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  • KryoKitten
    Columbine is red, Corn Flower is blue. If you like gold as much as I do, come turn those floral arrangements and more into gold with The Ska'vyn Exchange! First stop in Wayrest!
    @KryoCatalyst in game

    Guild Master - The Ska'vyn Exchange

    proud furniture slinger & pretend healin in Cyrodiil
  • Savina
    ZOS_Kevin wrote: »
    Full monty, please and thank you!

    As you wish.....

    🥃 Vanquish (DC/NA) A veteran guild for the “older” no drama and confident gamer!


    Recruitment Status: OPEN by website application only (be thorough!)
    Home Server: NA, PC, DAGGERFALL COVENANT for PvP - All factions for PvE
    Guild Type: Casual in nature, hardcore in play! We take our fun serious and with a shot of tequila! We are dedicated to our members and one another. Vanquish does not overly focus on any one area, if you consider yourself a hardcore end game player, hardcore RP'r or hardcore anything, we may not be the right guild for you. We are an all-inclusive guild with no specific requirements centered around content.
    Guild Focus: None, we enjoy ALL aspects TESO throws our way!
    Age Requirement: 18 years of age or older (Average age in guild is 35-55+.)
    Voice: Discord (Only required to be able to listen for events)

    About Vanquish:

    A guild built from years of experience - we focus on doing more with less with a selfless leadership and members that drive the guild through all the content The Elder Scrolls Online throws our way! Consider us “casually hardcore” with an emphasis on the player behind the keyboard over in game accomplishments. Focused on bringing our members ESO's content in a mature and friendly environment as we look towards the PvE end game and PvP aspects of ESO. We are a no drama, fun enabling, and content driven guild. Vanquish is seeking like-minded individuals to share in the adventure that is The Elder Scrolls Online!

    Vanquish Facts:
    • Stationed on: NA Server
    • We are a guild with the intention of doing more with less and quality over quantity. (350-400 active members). Comprised of gamers who consider themselves "casually hardcocre", we are one of ESO's longest running (Founded 3/31/14), most established and stable guilds
    • We utilize Discord as our primary voice coms.
    • While end game, PvP and PvE is our goal, we enjoy all aspects of game play and the road that leads to such. We enjoy beginner to veteran content and host a wide range of social events within the guild. You can look at our calendar of Events here
    • We cater to an “older” crowd with an age requirement of 18+. (Our average age is 35-55+.)
    • While the guild Commanders resides in the EST time zone, we cater to and support players from all over. We hold events across various times and days of play.
    • All guild organized PvP events and our nightly PvP group are DC. Our blood runs blue, only DC PvP is guild supported.
    • All alliances are welcome for PvE content.

    Vanquish Core Values:
    • Respect – A respectful guild is a successful guild.
    • Attitude – A good attitude leads to good times.
    • Loyalty – A loyal member leads to guild cohesion.
    • Activity – An active guild is a fun guild.
    • Confidence – A confident member is a drama free member.

    Vanquish Members:

    You will find the members of Vanquish to be an active and driven group while selflessly helping one another and putting their guild mates ahead of themselves. The leaders within Vanquish, could not ask for a finer bunch of people to share in the adventure that is TESO. Within our ranks, we have a wide range of people from PhD’s to stay at home moms, from law enforcement and active military to full time students, writers, self-employed individuals, martial artists, chefs, editors, and everything in between! In Vanquish you will find more than a gaming guild you will find a community of like-minded people all focused on enabling one another!

    Vanquish Leadership:

    Vanquish is led by the husband-and-wife team of Duck and Savina. They are supported by Guild Captains Infidelux and DanTheMann5 and their Vanquish Leadership Core. Our leadership team follows a “guild first” philosophy, forgoing playing entirely for themselves and putting the guild and its members ahead of all else. Helpful, understanding, transparent and confident, the leaders of Vanquish drive the guild ever forward to take their membership from where they have been to where they have not!

    Vanquish Recruitment Protocol:

    If you are interested in Vanquish and finding a long-term place to call home, please visit us at and fill out an application (please be thorough).

    Remember, choosing a guild should not be taken lightly. We encourage you to visit our website to get a feel for Vanquish prior to making any decisions! There is a public forum on the website where you can post any questions you have regarding Vanquish. Vanquish’s Code of Conduct and F.A.Q.’s can be found at our website under the “Overview” tab. Please take the time to read these.

    Thank you for your interest in Vanquish, and regardless of where our paths take us, we wish you well,

    The Vanquish Leadership Team

    11/8/2020 - Vanquish created a recruitment video for the #TAMRIELTOGETHER contest!! Special thanks to Duck and Santaniko for the creative artwork and video production. (Note: The only thing outdated on the video is we are now on our 4th year of “An ESO Christmas Carol" and we only have 5 shows this year)

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  • Arrodisia
    PC EU

    Looking for some special high end sales magic? Join these top trade guilds today. Harrods / TTM Overflow / Galactic Trade Market in Mournhold / The Traveling Merchant in Belkarth / The Camel Smugglers in Vivec

    members of TTM Empire - amazing trade guilds with an excellent community since 2014
  • marius_buys




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  • Erissime
    Probably a guild meant more for solo players ( although as description puts it - group activities are not avoided, pvp included), but due to the rather harsh requirements it does exclude a fair number of ordinary players
    TWG - or as known in game: "The Writers Guild" - PC/EU ( as shown in the bellow link - our official forum page)

    The Guild's Headline: A guild for adult minds inclined towards writing and inspired by this game. Novella-rp style. Willing learners accepted.

    Guild Description: Lore knowledge is required within reason - but the limits are those of your own imagination. Respect for others ideas ( this lore's included) is a matter of common sense, not a rule. English language (obviously) is the only accepted one both rp and ooc. Common rp rules apply - further details upon acceptance. Joining discord is a must, not an option (for communication reasons-not chat). Rp is ultimately about writing with others about your characters, not as them - dare to improve your quill and join us!
    Not social, not trading, possible group content activities - but not on schedule. All that matter are the stories.
    So called pure rp players, but not gamers - not accepted. Growth matters - on all levels
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  • KryoKitten
    OH I missed that you wanted the "full monty" lets try this again...



    The Ska'vyn Exchange is a high-volume, high-traffic Trading Guild founded on Day One of Early Access in 2014 by Ixtyr. The guild is currently led by KryoCatalyst & Crew. We're proud to boast one of the most tight-knit communities, with a stable, transparent environment.

    Trader Location: The prime trader in Wayrest, Atin our lovely lady of wares.


    Minimums: 30k donations/tax and/or 40k raffles

    Guild Events: Weekly Live Auctions, plus weekly farming, fishing, social events and more!

    Drama Free: We’ve intentionally kept our “list of rules” to a minimum – in short, we don’t have a formal code of conduct. The members of our Leadership Team are no one’s keeper, and we expect our members to conduct their business on their own and resolve their issues and disputes privately. Our only real rule? Don’t be a ***.

    Note: Due to high volume, we will ignore empty apps, so please include a message in your application!

    For more information on the guilds history and participation metrics please visit our FAQ
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    @KryoCatalyst in game

    Guild Master - The Ska'vyn Exchange

    proud furniture slinger & pretend healin in Cyrodiil
  • DragonRacer
    As I browse these, it may be a good idea to make clear/include what platform as well as server in your pitch, folks. I know the forums are PC-heavy, but console is here as well and eyes from all over may read this impending article.

    I may throw something together soon for mine, even though we’re pretty full, for the sake of trying to have some console representation. LOL Maybe we’ll see some article folks after the next inactive purge…
    PS5 NA. GM of The PTK's - a free trading guild (CP 500+). Also a werewolf, bites are free when they're available. PSN = DragonRacer13
  • ShilohNC

    Do you want to do dungeons and trials, but don't feel like getting a Ph.D in mechanics from watching videos or memorizing strategy guides first? Then come fail your way to fun and Leroy Jenkins into knowledge with |H1:guild:696319|hBronze Medalists|h!
  • DragonRacer
    Okay, for the sake of some console representation, I relent:

    The PTK's - a chill trading guild

    PS4/5 NA

    If you're looking for a chill, laid-back, independent/non-alliance guild whose primary focus is having a good guild trader and being helpful to one another - in a setting with no weekly fees/dues and never will have such - then The PTKs may be the guild for you!

    While we don't traditionally go after any guild traders in capital cities (we'd probably have to charge mandatory weekly fees to compete and that's not what we're about), we do tend to get great traders in chapter capitals. We've been in Alinor, Vivec, and Rimmen for the past several years regularly.

    We support ourselves through donations from members, frequent raffles, and our weekly Friday night guild text chat auction, which features a mix of 100% donations and auction sellers (a cool way to support the guild and make yourself a little extra gold!). We also host quarterly housing contests for fun.

    Guild requirement is that you are active (21-day inactive policy), of a generally good nature (i.e. don't be a constant troll or jerk to people), and CP 500 or higher on at least one character (to ensure you most likely have good items to put up in the trader). I know it's generally cliché or cringe to say a guild is family, but we are filled with many members who have been in our guild for years and a surprisingly large number of members who literally are family - spouses of all orientations play together here and you love to see it!

    We do have some members that group up to do dungeons or trials, so we have help available for that, if such is your jam. We also have all attunable weapon/armor/jewelry crafting stations as well as all Mundus stones, targeting dummies, and other accessories available at the guild hall. Additionally, we have an optional Discord.

    We pop up rather infrequently in Guild Finder due to usually being full, but we try and clear inactives as we can to welcome new members. If you have an interest and want to get on our waiting list to join, you can reach out to DragonRacer13 via in-game mail or on the PlayStation Network.
    PS5 NA. GM of The PTK's - a free trading guild (CP 500+). Also a werewolf, bites are free when they're available. PSN = DragonRacer13
  • ZOS_Kevin
    Community Manager
    Hi all! Thanks for the pitches so far! Just wanted to bump this to give everyone another 24hrs to post their guild pitch. We're pulling from this list and from social media to compile a list of pitches to share in an article. Thanks!
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  • Tendrielle
    I know I started it with my trading guild, but non-trading guilds, don't be shy^^
  • SainguinKrist
    I'll throw Casual Filth into the ring.

    Casual Filth - PC/NA

    Casual Filth is a LGBTQ+ led and friendly social/PvE guild.
    Only reqs: Be excellent to each other. Be 21+

    Full ad:
    So what do we offer? Top tier Trial groups? The best Guild Trader location and highest volume sales? A lethally coordinated PvP group?


    Just chill vibes, good times, and a safe place to be yourself. We're hanging out and enjoying the game at our own pace. Whatever that might mean for each of us.

    We're a laid back PvE guild focused on being a social space to meet more friendly adventurers.

    We have an active discord and a stocked guild hall with every Mundus stone, crafting tables, a bank, a duel pit, and a few other things. Come hang out sometime.

    You got five guild slots, join the Filth..

    Or don't, no worries :)

    We maintain a healthy and friendly community and would love to see you there! Our Discord server is very active as well, we cover many games and real life activities. It's a great place to make friends.
    I have characters that have classes.

    I'm not sure what their names are.

    Leader of Casual Filth, a proudly LGBT+ led and friendly social guild.
  • Edenprime
    Are other languages allowed? :D

    Dragonborn Inc, on suomikilta The Elder Scrolls Online pelissä PC/MAC-alustalla EU palvelimella. Kiltaan saavat liittyä kaikki täysi-ikäiset suomea osaavat pelaajat. Osallistumme kaikkeen pelin sisältöön aina trialeista ja PvP:stä, exploraukseen ja kaikkeen siltä väliltä. Mitään pakollista toimintaa ei ole vaan jokainen pelaa sen verran kuin haluaa. Kaikentasoiset pelaajat tervetulleita!

    Jos mielenkiintosi heräsi, tutustu nettisivuihin ja laita rekryviestiä täältä

    Edenprime, kiltajohtaja
    Streamer | Youtuber | Guildmaster of the largest Finnish community for ESO (, ESO-Hub contributor, co-leader of PC/EU's largest trading network, coordinator of Bethesda Nordic events and a raider. Twitter Patreon
  • TheKaan
    Ninja Pulls (PC EU)

    We're a friendly guild set up by veterans to help players progress through group content in ESO.

    New to trials? We'll help you get started with teaching runs!
    Experienced player? We've got practice runs as well as hard mode and trifecta prog groups.

    If you're prepared to make the effort we'll help you master everything and make you part of the team, no matter your prior experience.
    • Weekly teaching trials, loot runs and group PvP
    • A community of awesome nerds for pledges, arenas and whatever!
    • Prog groups at various levels (from vet trials to trifectas)
    • Tipsy Trials, zone & event farms, housing tours and other events
    • Awesome resources on Discord, YouTube and website
    • Guild House with all Mundus, craft stations, tons of dummies

    Stay nerdy. Always resurrect. Never be too shy to ask for help!

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  • KAT0MI

    We are a casual solo player guild dedicated to passing content with the least amount of players possible. Established back in 2017, our guild has grown to now include sister branches dedicated to all aspects of solo play.

    Our guild services include:
    • Weekly trials (and the ability for pop up trials on the fly)
    • Consistent weekly guild trader
    • Weekly Roleplay campaign
    • Monthly Raffles
    • Silent Auctions
    • Master crafters with Furniture store
    • Wedding reception and hall
    • Motif exchange program
    • Guildhall (all crafting tables, attainable stations, vampire thrall/fountain, all mundus stones, & various training dummies)
    • International discord complete with translate bot so you can communicate with all members no matter what language they speak.
    • TES lore discussions
    • Build coaches

    We strive to create a community where solo players can play ESO without the fear of defending their playstyle or being gatekept from content. We are drama free and open place for every walk of life.

    If we sound like the community you want to support, you can look us up in the guild finder under the questing/crafting categories. We are usually at the top of the list and always keep a member float to ensure we can accommodate any new member who would love to join us.

    You can click here to check out our discord or click here to see our social media page. You don't need to be part of our main guild to join in on the community.

    Below is our zone chat guild ad


    Seeking stalwart individuals to join our honored brethren of dragon worshippers.

    Our temple provides a complete crafters area with all mundus stones for individual studies. Fully stocked training area complete with multiple training dummies to hone your combat prowess.

    Share stories of your solo adventures, set out on expeditions with other strong members seeking glory & conquer all of tamriel with like minded individuals. Or sell the spoils of your travels with our trader.

    With us you never have to fear the cold sting of death. Afterall, krosis saraan ko sovngarde.
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    PS4/PS5 NA | GM of Great House Indoril | PSN: XKat0m1x | Proud Member of Alok-Dilon Alliance (AD Alliance)
  • LampX
    Panda Paradise PCEU
    is looking for members to join our community and build a new guild, focused on teaching veteran trials and farming gear.

    We are a few friendly experienced players who want to help others into veteran trials. We aim to create a place with no tolerance for elitism and toxicity, where ppl can learn mechanics and get experience within stress-free environment. Raidleader is experienced longtime raider, who wants to share his knowledge, so everyone can go have fun in trials
    Previous experience in veteran trials is not needed. It is more important for us to spend 2 hours wiping, but having fun doing so and learning the mechanics, than it is to get it right the first time.

    Send me a message if you are interested! Or message in-game to @LampxNep
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  • Celticfirelight
    Soul Shriven

    We are always looking for new Wormies to join the family and contribute meaningfully to our ESO campus.

    The Worms Refuge is a large and very active teaching guild focused on helping individuals with their goals. We have many newbies and many score-pushing veterans in our ranks, all drawn together in the spirit of learning from one another and helping one another.

    The Refuge was built on the principle that no one has to be alone, even if they want to play solo. There is a lot of bullying and toxicity IRL and it can even creep into the digital world. We aim to offer a place that stands true to its name - a refuge where folks can relax, ask questions, be silly, be open about themselves, ask for advice in-game or IRL, and not have to worry that they'll be attacked for their differences. We are incredibly welcoming of the LGBTQIA Community (many of our members and some of our leadership are proud members of the Community), of those who are neurodivergent, and of anyone who feels a little lost. We live by our motto:

    "We take in the outcasts, the broken, and the forgotten.
    We take in the clever, the curious, and the bold.
    The Order of the Black Worm will turn none away"

    What Else Do We Have to Offer?

    We have a fully-stocked guild hall (all mundus stones, basic crafting stations, transmute station, aetherial well, vampiric fountain and thrall, 21-mill, 6-mill and 3-mill target dummies, banker, merchant, and obstacle course) and a second house just for crafting stations. We also maintain a dues-free trader and a ridiculously-active discord (no seriously...check it out and see what we mean)

    We have a packed weekly schedule (events optional for those who are a bit shy about group activities) including the following:

    Teaching trials - Run on normal and on vet, these are led by players who are experienced both in running the content and in teaching. Mechanics, composition, best practices, and a bunch of tips and tricks are taught during these runs. Never been in a trial before? No problem! We've helped many a Wormy complete their first trial, their first veteran trial, and earn their first titles.

    Farming runs - Run on normal and on vet, these represent opportunities to group up with your fellow Wormies to acquire the gear you're looking for from dungeons and/or trials. This includes helm runs. Need a hand? We're here to help!

    Zone clears - Want to find that last elusive wayshrine? Want to find out if you can survive a fall on a two-person mount? Want to figure out if anyone *really* knows where they're going in Blackreack? Come join a zone clear! Perfect for newer players or those working on new characters, these events allow players to find key points of interest, wayshrines, world bosses, skyshards, and lots of goodies along the way, like chests and resources.

    Housing contests - We have a wide variety of housing contests run on a bi-monthly basis. Open to all members, each challenging prompt encourages you to think in new ways and to use the wonderful materials provided by ESO to create wonders!

    Thievery nights - We'll take everything that isn't nailed down...and even some things that are, if the fence will still buy if from us. Come learn how to pickpocket, sneak, lockpick, and avoid capture (or cause a hilarious chase through town) while acquiring treasures and earning gold!

    PvP Events - We regularly head into the Imperial City and into Cyrodil to help folks with achievements they might not be able to acquire otherwise. We have nearly a dozen Emperors in the guild, which is quite the dynasty!

    Trivia Events - Held in discord and in game, these are chances to test your Tamriellic and IRL knowledge to win fun in-game prizes like gold, furnishings, prints, and recipes!

    Clinics - Light attacks feeling elusive? Battlegrounds leaving you battered? Did the guards send you home wearing only your weapon? Convinced your gold pouch must have a hole in it somewhere? We offer clinics on PvE and PvP roles, techniques for sneaking and resource farming, and the best ways to earn gold in the game!

    Lore Q&A - We have some of the most well-versed TES lore fans on Nirn and all of the planes of Oblivion. Have a question? We likely have the answer!

    If you're interested in joining the discord to get a taste of the community - or if you are interested in our in-game guild, reach out to Celticfirelight in game or here on the the forum in a message!

    May The Revenant shine down on you all!

    GM - Worms Refuge - PS4/PS5 - NA
  • Ezhh
    Welcome to Root [PC-EU]

    We grow trials.

    We aim to be a place all PC-EU raiders can find one-off farm runs, learning opportunities, progression groups to join... and maybe some dungeons and general good times along the way.

    With over 800 members, almost 30 active raid leaders, 8 core groups and several open trials running every day that you can sign up to, we offer a fast-growing and very active community with plenty of opportunities for new members to get involved.

    With trial runs ranging from learning runs for beginners to trifecta title-grabs for more experienced players, our goal is to provide opportunities for players to progress, learn more about the game, or simply farm gear.

    Membership in our in-game guild isn't required to take part - we can be found at - but for those who join in game we also offer a fully furnished guild house with dummies, crafting stations and mundus stones.

    For all your trial needs, Root is ready and waiting to help.
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