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So, my light attack just stopped working...

I was farming exp in Craglorn at the monoliths, when all of a sudden I wasnt able to use my light attack anymore. Still can not.

-Checked if my mouse is damaged, it isnt, all other charactares I have my light attack left mouse button works fine.
-Changed to keyboard button, still doesnt work.
-tried everything, removed my trainig equipment, changed skills, rested controls to default, shut down computer - nothing.

The funny thing is, when i hit the light attack, my toon grabs the staff form his back, but after another click doesnt want to fire. No light attack, no heavy attack.

Anybody familiar with this thing and how to fix this?

Thanks for answer.
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  • dolphezious
    Should also mention im on PC EU.
  • Troodon80
    I've seen this before, and also typically prevents you from blocking (again, if you right or left click, your character plays the animation of grabbing their weapon, but does nothing). It's not the sprint bug, it's a variation. Usually, unequipping the weapon fixes it. Or try opening the crown store. But if you logged out and restarted your PC, I don't know. It should be fine. Can't help you there. :<

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  • virtus753
    Did you change all of your skills? (You said changed but not whether you changed them all out or only some.)

    It seems that in addition to the possibility of getting stuck in the Mend Wounds or Overload toggles, which changing all your skills out should fix, Overload in particular can bug out quite badly. That happened to a guildmate of mine today, where Overload did not turn off properly after running out of ult. In the same guild chat today someone else claimed that a sorc with Overload could cause nearby players’ light and heavy attacks to bug too. They said it had been bugged this way since the latest major update (U35).
  • ZOS_Bill

    Does your light attack work on a second character?
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  • fizl101
    Sounds silly but I would try roll dodging. I know on console if your skills or attacks stop working randomly a roll dodge generally fixes it
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  • Soraka
    This happened to me yesterday my mouse click stopped working. I thought it was the usual thing I get where my mouse number keys stop responding so I unplugged and replugged the mouse (this usually fixes that), but it didn't go away until I I did reloadui.
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