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Bot issue on Xbox is out of control and prices have plummetted

  • Reaver999
    Actually no. Nothing is wrong with Xbox prices. The prices are so low because the value/purchasing power of gold is high relatively compared to PC. Crowns are selling at 100:1 still and have been for many, many, many years. If Xbox had a botting problem you'd expect more liquidity and gold to be driving prices up like on PC

    I transferred from Xbox to PC. When I was on Xbox I played the market and noticed a direct link between the price of mats and crackdowns on bots. The few times the bots were taken care of there was almost an immediate increase in the price of mats. As a seller I started feeling like grinding public dungeons for gold was more profitable than farming mats or selling anything in a guild trader. It just didn't seem to pay off, it is one of the reasons I left Xbox. Having excess supply from bot farming 24/7, selling endless stacks of mats, more than what is needed makes prices plummet rather than driving them up. I just don't see how excessive flooding of the market given the population on console servers would ever drive prices up. It's like how motifs lose value during events. The market becomes flooded and prices plummet.
  • WinterHeart626
    There’s usually a big bunch of them on Auridon smacking bears and wolves around near the petrified town quest zone…… 12-16 bunched, using pets and lightning form….
  • ZOS_Bill
    As there is already a thread here regarding bot reports, we have decided to close the thread.

    We recommend reporting these players so our support team can investigate and deal with these accounts.

    How do I report a player on console?
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