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Trolls and ZoS GM Monitoring

Soul Shriven
Way back when, there used to be ZoS gamemasters chilling out in taverns, wearing guards uniforms, booting out trolls.

Can that return? The ignore feature only really works for messages, doesn't really do anything about people dancing naked on the tables and spamming obnoxious mementos or abilities. I report em when I see them, but it feels like nothing is ever done since they are there the next day doing the same thing.

Trolls have killed a few RP hotspots (along with private housing IMO) leaving only one that I know of where you can find RP 24/7, and even that one is a lot less active than it used to be.

Having gamemasters patrolling the hotspots would be a great start to returning public activity back to what it used to be. Having RP instances (hell, even an RP server without NPCs and bids for public housing spots) would also be very nice, but I understand its unlikely to happen anytime soon.

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  • ChunkyCat
    kevkj wrote: »
    I would give an arm and a leg to see ZOS police the game with even 1% of the zealousness that they do the forums.

  • Marginis
    To be honest, while this seems like it may be kind of a nice thing, it hardly seems worth their time. There are player homes for private gatherings if one wants to avoid trolls, and a good amount of isolated places in the overworld, if one wants to avoid trolls. If one goes to a populated place to RP, trolls should be expected. If they are truly troublesome, they should be reported and dealt with appropriately - but on ZoS employees' schedule - not on the players' schedule. It just seems like an undue burden to put on ZoS to personally cover multiple spots in-game across servers and instances, in my opinion.

    Additionally, I've personally found success in just reacting to the trolls in-character. Some have even gotten into it and started RPing as a drunkard or such, or even come back and joined the RP in earnest. That's the whole point of RPing in the open anyway, is to get other people who may not have considered RP to join in, right? I mean, usually trolls just get bored when they see you can just roll with it, but I'd count that as a win too, so hey - whatever works.
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