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can't tell what skyshards my alts are missing :(

I haven't really given much thought about what AWA would do. Decided to collect the sky shards my alts are missing while waiting for High Isles to come out, but everything now shows that I've collected everything when I know that isn't true. I can't tell who is missing what, no way I can remember all 18 characters, and its shorting me too much skill points on many characters.
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  • Ipsius
    Another method is to go to the Crown Store, Upgrades, Skyshards. This will show, for each character, which zones still have Skyshards available, and how many are left in each zone when you mouse over the option.
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  • FeedbackOnly
    There's an add-on on PC called skill point finder
  • Browiseth
    someone mentioned it already but the addon Skill Point Finder is incredibly useful. it's basically a check list of quest skill points, public and group dungeon skill points and skyshards you have and haven't collected across all characters
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  • phaneub17_ESO
    Thanks for all your help, I grabbed skill points finder, love the checklist for zone quests and dungeons. Then I saw an update for Skyshards that came out like a week ago which repopulated my missing sky shards on the map. I probably should have done that first...
  • CombatCoati
    I like to add that the add on "SkyShards" still works, so if someone doesn't mind to loose the exploration aspect of skyshard hunting (the addon shows all sky shards on the map, either collected or not collected or both, regardless if you have visited a certain area), that may also be an option.

    Gladly enough I also followed the PTS thread on AWA like @proprio.meb16_ESO and thus came prepared with several addons (mainly SkyShards as mentioned, Urich's Skill Point Finder, Character Zone Tracker, Journal Quest Log and Historical Achievement Credit) to still be able to track as much as possible of my per character progress.

    I think it's a shame that players are forced to rely on addons to track such simple things that should be trackable per character like map completion including found skyshards, but at least there is a way.
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