Zerg in Fields of Regret

Daggerfall Covenant just ran through with 50-60 PVPer`s. I thought this was being limited?
  • vesselwiththepestle
    There's a joke my EP raid used to tell: "DC never zergs! Those are just twenty 4-man small scale groups all in the same place."
    Hey, we do a similar joke about EP. When we (DC) see 20-30 of EP (currently EP is zerging the whole map on Ravenwatch PC/EU from early midday pop-locked when everyone else has 2 bars), we call it "EP smallscale". The zerg gets all keeps, all scrolls and usually can hold 4+ scrolls into the night. They faction stack to def keeps with 70+, even not important ones. A few days ago they defended idk Dragonclaw or Aleswell against DC for 50 minutes, while AD was taking EVERY other EP keep + every scroll from EP, deserved them right :D. Doesn't matter, because EP is almost 20k points ahead anyway.
    1000+ CP
    PC/EU Ravenwatch Daggerfall Covenant

    Give me my wings back!
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