Perfect roe?!?!?

  • katanagirl1
    Fish food increases the drop rate of trophy fish, you would not use it for perfect roe farming because you want white fish in that case.
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  • Brrrofski
    I imagine the price will go up again next patch.

    Firstly, why bother fishing on more than once character? I mean, I wouldn't anyway, but some people would get multiple Master Angler. No point now.

    Also, I think Orzogas Bear Haunch will be a lot more desirable for PvP next patch. I think it's already BIS food for a lot of builds, that'll be more so next patch.
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  • Obsidian3
    Elsonso wrote: »
    It’s well documented as a 1% chance so 1/100. With those odds you could quite easily skin 100s without a drop. I’ve definitely skinned 1k in a row before without a drop but then the other day I got 6 roe from 190. Rng!

    For the longest time, it was around 0.8%, then it dropped to 0.6%. It is nice to see it is up to 1%, if that statistic is accurate.

    Can't be that rare. Some guy been selling 1000 of them a week on PC-NA the past month. Must have a secret farming spot or something.

    Probably a hoarder and bought them all when they were dirt cheap, and saved them.
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