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LF an addon that helps with rotation

So I've asked several guilds and even reddit about this addon and have not found what it is. A few years ago when I was playing I was told to use an addon that would suggest what skills to use in combat. Think something like, Green Dragon blood, into Fire Strike, Fire Strike, Volley or whatever. It would popup when you had an enemy targeted and would update itself as you went. Fast forward to now and I've come back to the game and cannot find this addon. I am curious if it even existed at this point, 1 guild member said they remember something like it.
I've tried various combat addons and Helix rotation and none have been right. Wondering if anyone knows what I am talking about but not holding my breath.
  • Reverb
    I’ve never seen or heard of an addon that will tell you what to cast and when.

    Ive seen some parse videos with a lot of skill cooldown info from the Metronome addon. I’ve never used it myself so I can’t say if it will help you, but it might be worth checking out.
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  • Baertram
    There exists one addon but I'm not sure what current state and support it got:

    But in the end i'd not rely on addons as they can only check some ingame stuff and your eyes and brain is always faster. Addons that show you what to press will not help with any rotation. You need to just make a small paper and lay it next to your screen :-)
    So the addons trying to provide this are most lilely not going to help a lot, or even slow you down.

    There exist oher helper addons about weaving as well:
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