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Do the Sea Elves (Maormer) interact more with Akavir than the races living on Tamriel?

The Sea Elves left Summerset a long time ago and come back every now and then to fight the High Elves for the Summerset Isles.

However, say they were sealed off from interacting with Tamriel, who did they interact or trade with then?

Also, in Western Skyrim, you fight these Sea Elf/Giant-like creatures so I’m guessing the Sea Elves had to intermingle outside of Tamriel. And I’m not saying intermingle in the reproductive sense either, well, maybe some of that being reproductive, but I’m talking about establishing themselves in a racial/political relationship (albeit warring or peaceful) with other parts of the world?

So looking at the map, I see Akavir and Aldmeris as the two places the Sea Elves may have interacted with. Does anyone know more about this?

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  • tuxon
    I think Pyandonea is located way more south-western geographically to possibly have some connections with Akavir. They also have some unique metal only there, named after their king btw, so seems like they don't need to trade for materials.
    Resdayniil kan tarcel
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