After seeing Gina's tweet regarding bug reporting, I thought this would be a good opportunity to start a thread here of known bugs in Cyrodiil and Imperial City only.

Please keep the bug report short & to the point, add examples or clips if needed.

If you see that your bug has already been reported, please use "agree" to show severity of bug.
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  • BlakMarket
    Stuck in combat bug

    No visible enemy, fight ended 30 seconds before. Can not mount ect, will pop in and out of combat sometimes also eg 1 second in combat, 1 second out, this can go on for 1-5 minutes.

    Crouching can sometimes fix bug, & funnily enough going to crown store.
  • EdmondDontes
    Dark Convergence does not obey the tool tip statistics.
  • Beardimus
    Imperial Physique set doesn't work in noCP Imperial City.
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  • Daffen
    Heres another thread with bug lists

    Ill just copy paste the listed ones here.
    1. Ultimate delays. No, I'm not talking about the 400ms ultimate delay, I'm talking about defensive ultimates. Ultimates that don't even need a target such as the 1H+S ult. I've learnt from bitter experience that I had better get off another Vigor, another Rally, anything other than an ultimate, because those skills feel more responsive. You can hammer the ult key for 2, 3 or 4 seconds. Sometimes that's how long it takes for it to finally activate. This has been the case since forever and, no, it's not because the ultimate isn't ready. You would hear the ultimate bell in that case. I feel like I'm going out of my mind. Just in case, can anyone corroborate the same experience or do you disagree?

    2. Gap closers in IC and BGs being randomly locked out until you reslot or relog, notably Dragon Leap.

    3. Being stuck in combat in Cyrodiil, unable to mount, even though you can successfully crouch and the eye closes.

    4. Why are potions influenced by the global cooldown? They already have a cooldown of their own. Potions feel as unresponsive as ultimates sometimes.

    5. Keep doors being unresponsive in heavy fighting scenarios, which leads you to spam the action key and frequently leads you to immediately go back out. I imagine this is due to lag, but it might help greatly if the action got queued and was only affected by it's own cooldown, not the GCD or anything else. You could fix accidental double door usage at the same time.

    6. Dark convergence does not always appear or show enemy aoe. (invisible to enemies)

    7. Getting pulled out of stealth from a direct damage aoe? (only know noxious breath does this) desyncs your healthbar.

    8. Elemental weapon + overload light attacks desync your healthbar for couple years allready

    9. Positional desyncs from server not able to handle positional values quick enough resulting in getting hit by aoe you allready walked out of, los working extremely well, out of range when trying to target enemy running away, aoe missing from target running away.

    10. Ram spins around like a breakdancer instead of going straight towards the door.

    11. Ballistas sometimes hitting the ground right infront of it instead of target location

    12. Negates not able to counter negates (need verification as i have not tested this in a long time)

    13. Getting healed by your own templar healing aoe's sometimes dismounts you.

    14. After getting stunned you sometimes need to break free multiple times to get yourself unstuck in high server load situations.

    Also i believe what the community wants is not only a list of bugs, but also status of each bug. Doesnt have to be in depth, just simple: we know about it, work in progress, final testing, ready for updated fix.
  • xDeusEJRx
    Core combat bugs (Zos please prioritize)
    1. Break free not working, even with excess stamina to do so
    2. Abilities not actually working despite the animation showing up, like mist form giving you the mist animation but it just cancels out
    3. Gap closers in imperial city not working/being greyed out like Dragon leap
    4. Relentless focus/Merciless resolve bugging out and causing the spectral arrow to just disappear instead of firing(there have been times where I fired an arrow at a stunned player and got no damage numbers)
    5. Abilities double casting, sometimes I'll hit one ability in lag and game decides to double cast it which runs my resource pool more than I intended
    6. Fossilize being bugged when opponent uses escapist poisons that grant CC immunity, for some reason fossilize just will not allow you to fossilize your target long past the CC immunity cooldown of fossilize. Have to use some other cc on the target to get fossilize working again
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