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Looking for Guild

Hello :)

I am looking for a chill PVP guild, but more than happy to do PVE or anything else anyone needs help with. I used to play ESO years back on PS4 when it first came out, and I just recently picked it up again a few months ago and I am now on Xbox. I am not a complete noob, still remember a lot from back in the day, just trying to learn all the new stuff, they really added a ton to the game since I played haha.

Anyways, I am in the process of leveling up my character on Xbox, sitting around CP140ish right now, trying to grind as much as I can. Would really love to jump back into PVP because I loved it, but I would get smashed without a good group to run with until I am higher CP and have good gear lol. I am more then happy to run a support role for a group since I probably wont be doing much DPS yet without a lot of CP or good gear.

I am free most weekdays and weekends later in the evening after my kid goes to bed. I know some Guilds require a certain amount of time per week, etc, but with work and family I am never really sure how my schedule will be, so hoping for a Guild that is more relaxed with that type of stuff.

Was also wondering if I could have some help with gear as well in the Guild, been really trying to grind my crafting so I can get some good crafted armor sets/weapons, but it takes so long and is driving me crazy. I understand resources are tough to come by in the game, so I am more than happy to gift someone Crowns, or something from the Crown Store to build me some gear.

Sorry for the long post, please message me if you have a Guild that would work for me, thank you very much :)
  • Hyde0709
    Did you ever find a guild? I am in a similar position and have not had much luck.

    Feel free to add me on XBL, Doctor Jekkyl - maybe we can get together and do some small scale PvP until a guild is found
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