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Xbox/EU - Login issues for a while now

I've had this bug a while now so reporting it here.

I have issues logging in to the game around 60ish % of the time. When I start the game, I get the splash screen and then the "press a to start the game" dialogue. I then get to the Play / Select EU/NA / Announcements menu. This is where I have an issue. If I select Play I have about a 40% chance of actually logging in. More often, I'll be stuck in a load screen and the music stops playing after about 5 seconds - the loading wheel continues to spin, so the game hasn't crashed. I can wait a minute or 10 and won't progress further than the load screen. I can then hit the xbox button to minimise and then close the game and restart the process. I usually have to go through 3 or 4 attempts before actually getting in.
  • I have 300Mbps fibre download and 75Mbps Upload.
  • I have run an hour long ping on multiple occasions and have, on every occasion <1% packet loss.
  • I have run a ping against google DNS server to look for issues around latency and experience approx 6ms on average
  • I can restart the console and experience the same issue.
  • I have performed xbox embedded network troubleshooting and they all pass every time.
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