In Search of a Home

I am a novice online player, I have limited experience, but I play a lot. I've spent the last couple years at another online game and I'm a little tired of it and needed a change' so I decided to come back to a place I've been before. I started with Morrowind, then Obvlion and all the DLC, and Skyrim' all on PC. I can play those games, but they aren't this game. I can play, but I am totally ignorant of all thing ESO. I've been playing for a few months now, am CP385, DPS Stamina. I think my build might not be ideal, but I'm not sure. I need some mentoring, someone to play with that can show me the ropes. I'm not stupid, and I'm not slow, I am however not 20 something. I really prefer vocal chat, I have difficult time trying to chat and play at the same time. The date on my Morrowind DVD is 2001.

I want to do trials and dungeons with a team of people I can learn from.

I will gladly answer any questions any prospective guilds or guildmembers. Looking forward to seeing where this might go.

Thank You
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